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The key to securing web applications

Effectively securing web applications is critical to preventing data breaches. More than half of all breaches today involve web apps, yet fewer than 10% of organizations have app protection processes in place to ensure that software is reviewed for security before and during production.

To produce more secure software, developers must employ tools for securing web applications from the point of inception through production. Using web application testing tools, developers can address potential vulnerabilities such as:

  • Improperly encoding data prior to exchanging it with a database or web browser.
  • Failing to encrypt sensitive customer data before transmitting it across a network.
  • Failing to ensure numeric values are within expected ranges to avoid unanticipated consequences.
  • Improperly controlling access to the server’s file system.
  • Failing to protect against brute force attacks.
  • Failing to comply with the organization’s existing security standards.
  • Failing to use secure default permissions.

By remediating these flaws and securing web applications early in the development lifecycle, developers can accelerate development timelines and reduce the cost of producing secure software.

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Securing web applications with Veracode

As an industry leader in solutions and services for securing web applications, Veracode provides a unified platform that lets organizations assess and improve application security from inception through production.

Veracode is a cloud-based solution that provides comprehensive tools for securing web applications, enabling development teams to eliminate vulnerabilities at the most cost-efficient points in the development/deployment chain. Veracode solutions are easy to use and require no additional staff and no new servers or equipment. With Veracode, securing web applications is simpler, quicker and less costly.

Comprehensive solutions for securing web applications

Veracode solutions for securing web applications include web application security testing tools for:

  • Discovery: Many organizations don’t actually know how many applications are running in their domains. Veracode’s discovery services create a global inventory of all public-based web applications, enabling you to begin securing web applications more comprehensively and effectively.
  • DynamicMP (Massively Parallel): Veracode’s massively parallel infrastructure lets you test thousands of web applications simultaneously with lightweight, non-authenticated dynamic scans to quickly identify the most exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • DynamicDS (Deep Scan): Veracode’s deep scan capabilities let you use both authenticated and non-authenticated scans to identify web application vulnerabilities such as reflected XSS and SQL injection.
  • Virtual Scan Appliance: this Veracode code analyzer performs a deep scan of applications that reside behind the firewall to find potential vulnerabilities before applications are deployed.

Learn more about securing web applications with Veracode, and about Veracode’s OWASP testing tools.

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