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The challenges of ensuring SDLC security.

Security in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) has traditionally been a point of tension for developers, but automated testing tools can help to significantly simplify SDLC security.

In the past, SDLC security was achieved with time-consuming tools like manual penetration testing and dynamic analysis. While effective, these solutions for secure web application development hindered processes and slowed timelines, causing unacceptable delays in getting applications into production. Consequently, development did not always employ testing as often as they should have. But as web applications have become the primary point of attack for cyber criminals, failure to adequately test for SDLC security may result in data breaches that can be devastating for both software vendors and their customers.

Clearly, organizations and developers need better ways to integrate enterprise application testing into the security DevOps and SDLC security processes. That’s where Veracode can help.

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Achieve SDLC security with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security solutions for a business world that increasingly relies on software for mission-critical functions.

Veracode’s highly scalable, cloud-based security testing solutions increase SDLC security by integrating testing throughout the development process. With a combination of automation, process and speed, Veracode enables developers to eliminate vulnerabilities at the most effective and cost-efficient point in the development/deployment chain. And because Veracode’s solutions are cloud-based and easy to use, development teams can increase SDLC security without needing to deploy new hardware, software or staff.

To achieve SDLC security, Veracode combines multiple analysis techniques on a single unified platform for a holistic, policy-based view of application layer threats. Administrators can set enterprise policies based on minimal acceptable levels of risk for applications. Veracode provides highly accurate analysis with flaws prioritized based on severity, enabling developers to spend time on the most important matters first. And Veracode’s testing technology is continually being refined to increase accuracy and eliminate false positives.

Veracode’s solutions for SDLC security.

To support SDLC security, Veracode provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools that include:

Learn more about SDLC security with Veracode, and about your current solutions for combating Java SQL injection and for RASP for Java.

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