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Protect applications with SaaS cloud security technology.

SaaS cloud security solutions are changing Security DevOps and the way enterprises protect critical web applications.

As the #1 attack vector for cyber criminals, web applications should be thoroughly tested before going into production. But too often, the demands of accelerated development timelines mean applications are inadequately tested, if tested at all. Traditional application security testing tools are complex to manage and difficult to scale, often enabling IT security teams to cover only a fraction of the global threat surface that applications represent.

SaaS cloud security solutions have the potential to change that equation by providing technology that lets developers conduct tests quickly and easily. SaaS cloud security technology simplifies implementation – there is no hardware or software to install or maintain – and can scale easily for multiple business units and development teams. And with upgrades managed by a cloud service provider, SaaS cloud security solutions can more easily keep pace with the quickly evolving threat landscape.

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SaaS cloud security solutions from Veracode.

As a leading provider of application security products and services, Veracode offers cloud security solutions that protect the critical enterprise applications. Combining automated testing services, centralized policy management and world-class expertise, Veracode’s platform covers web, mobile and legacy applications from the software development lifecycle and supply chain through IT operations and open source components. Veracode solutions also enable organizations to simplify HIPAA compliance, SOX compliance and compliance with other regulatory frameworks.

Veracode’s cloud security solutions are purpose-built for the speed and scale the development teams require. Developers can submit applications for testing simply by uploading code to Veracode’s online portal. Results are returned within a matter of hours, prioritized by severity of risk and ease of remediation. And with the ability to test software at any time in the development process, Veracode reduces the cost of application security by enabling flaws to be fixed at the most cost-efficient point in the SDLC.

Veracode’s comprehensive SaaS cloud security services.

Veracode’s SaaS cloud security solutions include:

  • Static Analysis, or “white box”, testing tools that find vulnerabilities and flaws by creating a detailed model of the applications data and control paths to search for potential weaknesses.
  • Software Composition Analysis tools for continuously auditing all code, including third-party and open source components to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a tool that scans code as it is written and provides in-context remediation advice, allowing developers to find and fix security defects in code within seconds.
  • Veracode Dynamic Analysis, a SaaS application monitoring service that discovers, tests and monitors all web applications.

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