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Protect your web apps with Ruby penetration testing.

While web applications built with Ruby on Rails face many of the same threats as other programming languages, Ruby penetration testing can help developers avoid the flaws that can cause significant security breaches in final releases.

Ruby penetration testing employs testers who work from the outside to exploit the vulnerabilities in Ruby applications, using many of the same techniques that malicious individuals would use to gain unauthorized access. Penetration testing may also involve internal testing, working from inside the network to attempt to breach application security.

Effective Ruby penetration testing relies on automated penetration testing tools that can help to improve testing efficiency and to find flaws that might be hard to spot using manual web app penetration testing techniques alone.

When choosing a solution for Ruby penetration testing, more leading organizations today turn to application security services from Veracode.

Ruby penetration testing from Veracode.

Veracode provides SaaS application monitoring, testing and security services to protect the applications that drive enterprise productivity. Built on a massively scalable cloud platform, Veracode’s offerings help to simplify and accelerate testing at every phase of the software development lifecycle – from inception through production, and before and after procurement. From flaws in applications developed in-house to open source vulnerabilities in acquired code and weaknesses in commercial products, Veracode’s testing technology helps to find and remediate the vulnerabilities that expose the enterprise to risk from a continually evolving threat landscape.

Veracode’s Ruby penetration testing solutions include both static and dynamic code analysis. These tools can help to find vulnerabilities that include both the presence of malicious code as well as the lack of functionality that could be exploited in a security breach. Veracode’s static analysis scans compiled binaries instead of source code, producing more accurate results with fewer false positives and enabling developers and testers to spend more time remediating serious issues.

Veracode also offers manual Ruby penetration testing, adding a level of human expertise to automated testing software and tools. This form of Ruby penetration testing can look for design, business logic and compound flaw risks that may only be detected by a human being.

Benefits of Veracode’s Ruby penetration testing solutions.

When you rely on Veracode for Ruby penetration testing, you can:

  • Ensure that Ruby applications are free of flaws before shipping.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in Ruby applications already in production, or inherited via M&A activities.
  • Receive a list of fixes prioritized by severity of the flaw.
  • Implement best practices and long-term strategies for avoiding vulnerabilities when coding in Ruby, with help from Veracode’s team of security experts.

Learn more about Ruby penetration testing and application control audit technology from Veracode, and about Veracode’s Shellshock vulnerability test.

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