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A remediation plan is key to application security testing.

While application security testing has become a central part of software development, too many organizations make the mistake of testing without a clear remediation plan.

Software testing and security analysis is only one-half of the formula for delivering secure software. Organizations must also ensure that every test includes a remediation plan that provides the time and financial resources required to fix flaws found during software testing.

Without a sound remediation plan, testing may be performed too late in the development process to allow adequate time for remediation. Budgets must include not only the expense of remediation and re-testing but the cost of procuring remediation assistance when flaws can’t be fixed easily and immediately.

Developing a superior remediation plan requires test results that not only identify flaws but also help developers understand which flaws are most dangerous and how to fix them most efficiently. That’s why, when choosing application security testing solutions, more organizations today choose to protect their applications with testing services and a remediation plan from Veracode.

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Creating a remediation plan with Veracode.

Veracode provides on-demand application security testing services in a cloud-based solution that enables security to be embedded throughout the development process. From testing tools for the developers IDE to static analysis and a web application scanner, Veracode’s comprehensive services enable developers and IT administrators to quickly find flaws like cross-site scripting and SQL injection in Java and to develop an effective remediation plan that doesn’t sacrifice quality or speed for security.

Veracode’s application testing services solve the traditional challenges of implementing a remediation plan. With Veracode, organizations can:

  • Test early and throughout the development process, providing plenty of time to implement a remediation plan.
  • Enable developers to retest software on their own, without needing to bring in costly outside testing services.
  • Fix flaws quickly with test results that provide a remediation plan and step-by-step guidance for finding and addressing issues within code.
  • Train developers on secure coding practices with tools that provide contextual remediation advice directly within the IDE.

Veracode consulting services for a remediation plan.

When implementing a remediation plan seems too complex for your in-house development team, Veracode provides application remediation services that provide expertise, support and training for faster and more cost-effective remediation. Our remediation specialists can help to manage risk within the application portfolio, train developers on the use of Veracode testing technologies, and provide continual support and guidance throughout the execution of a remediation plan.

Learn more about managing a remediation plan with Veracode. And find out more about Veracode solutions for software containers, or download Veracode’s SQL cheat sheet to learn more about preventing SQL injection.

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