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Improve regression testing with security testing tools.

Regression testing is an essential part of QA for software development teams. When a new build, release or patch creates changes to existing code, regression testing is necessary to ensure that the application continues to work as expected. Regression testing helps to make sure that bugs which have already been resolved continue to stay fixed, and that changes to code don’t inadvertently create new flaws that can break the application or cause unwanted results.

To be most effective and to ensure secure applications, regression testing should include testing for software security as well as functionality. As applications continue to be a primary target for attackers, development teams must make sure that changes, updates and new releases don’t introduce flaws and vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious individuals.

For development teams seeking software testing tools that can seamlessly integrate with development processes and regression testing protocols, Veracode provides an industry-leading web based application testing subscription service.

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Solutions to enhance regression testing from Veracode.

Veracode’s application security solutions help organizations protect the software they depend on for business-critical functionality. Offering a suite of SaaS-based testing tools, Veracode enables development teams to embed security throughout the software lifecycle – from inception and design through coding and production.

Veracode supports regression testing with automated tools that deliver fast, accurate results. By automating security testing, development teams can routinely execute tests to find and fix vulnerabilities more easily and consistently. Veracode’s multiple testing technologies ensure that results are accurate, so developers can spend less time worrying about false positives and more time resolving issues fast. And with test results returned quickly – 80% of static scans are completed within four hours and 90% within a day – developers don’t need to halt the development process to accommodate security needs.

Veracode’s application security for regression testing.

To enhance the effectiveness of regression testing, Veracode offers several powerful solutions that include:

  • Static Analysis. Veracode Static Analysis is an automated process that can assess the security of web, mobile and desktop applications. Scanning multiple languages and frameworks, Veracode analyzes compiled binaries to find potential flaws and vulnerabilities, and delivers results prioritized by severity so developers can work most efficiently to remediate issues.
  • Web Application Scanning. This service inventories all external web applications, performs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel to find critical vulnerabilities, and runs authenticated scans on critical applications to reduce risk.
  • Software Composition Analysis. This Veracode service analyzes proprietary and open source code in a single scan to identify vulnerabilities and build an inventory of open source components.

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