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Protect your applications with a RASP Java solution.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve at a dizzying pace, more organizations are choosing to protect Java applications with Runtime Application Self-Protection for Java, or RASP Java solutions.

RASP technology identifies and blocks application security threats in real time. A RASP Java solution enables Java apps to “self-protect” in response to specific conditions by automatically reconfiguring, without requiring intervention from IT. RASP Java technology continuously analyzes the behavior of applications and the context of that behavior, responding immediately to any recognized attacks.

As the number of application-layer threats continues to increase, RASP Java solutions will play a critical role in protecting enterprises and Java applications from attack.

RASP Java technology from CA Veracode.

CA Veracode provides enterprise application security solutions that protect the applications businesses rely on for mission-critical functionality. Offered as a comprehensive collection of SaaS application security testing services unified on a single cloud platform, CA Veracode’s technology helps to embed security throughout the software development lifecycle and procurement process.

CA Veracode Runtime Protection is CA Veracode’s RASP Java solution. Unlike a web application firewall, Runtime Protection is easy to deploy and requires no engineering resources to implement or manage. This RASP Java technology is harder for attackers to evade and has a much higher level of accuracy, helping to avoid the time-consuming distractions of false positives. In addition to production environments, CA Veracode’s RASP Java solution can be deployed in pre-production environments to test its functionality, or to secure third-party and legacy applications without requiring changes to code.

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Benefits of CA Veracode’s RASP Java solution.

With RASP Java technology from CA Veracode, you can:

  • Protect software at runtime without altering source code.
  • Implement runtime protection quickly – this RASP Java technology installs in minutes and instantly begins monitoring and protecting applications from attack.
  • Configure RASP Java settings to monitor or block attacks.
  • Immediately stop certain vulnerabilities without involving developers, freeing up resources to meet development deadlines and to pursue innovation.
  • Reduce false positives – CA Veracode Runtime Protection has higher accuracy than web application firewalls because it has insight into application logic and configuration as well as event and data flow, executed instructions and data processing.

In addition to RASP Java solutions, CA Veracode offers testing technologies that include static analysis, dynamic analysis, software composition analysis and vendor application security testing, providing a comprehensive approach to application security.

Learn more about RASP Java technology from CA Veracode, and about CA Veracode solutions for Ruby penetration testing and for stopping SQL injection .NET attacks.



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