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PCI 3.0

Automated testing solutions help ensure PCI 3.0 compliance.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.0 (PCI 3.0) establishes data and network security standards intended to protect the financial data and personal information of millions of credit card users. For software development organizations, compliance with PCI 3.0 is critical to avoid penalties and fines, not to mention the irreparable damage to business and reputation that a critical software flaw can cause.

For development teams, the most important requirements of PCI 3 have to do with adhering to secure guidelines when developing applications and ensuring that custom code is scanned for potential flaws. Complying with PCI 3.0 requires well-designed security testing protocols that can consistently look for vulnerabilities in software throughout development and in production. Development teams also need ways to successfully scan third-party and open source components for security flaws.

For organizations that have thousands or tens of thousands of applications in production, ensuring PCI 3.0 compliance can be remarkably expensive, and the time required to test software at a variety of stages can jeopardize the ability to meet build deadlines.

That’s where Veracode can help. With a suite of automated testing solutions and dev ops tools, Veracode enables organizations to comply more easily with PCI 3.0 by embedding testing throughout the SDLC, from inception through production, and by providing organizations with an easy way of evaluating third-party software.

Solutions for PCI 3.0 security from Veracode

Veracode’s application security testing solutions and services help enterprises protect the software they rely on to innovate and compete. Veracode’s comprehensive technologies provide multiple approaches to PCI security testing, including static analysis, blackbox testing techniques, penetration testing, unit testing, software composition analysis and vendor application security testing. When using Veracode’s automated testing tools, software development teams can more easily find and fix flaws at the easiest and most cost-efficient point in the development chain.

How Veracode supports PCI 3.0 requirements.

With Veracode, development teams can improve compliance of PCI 3.0 by automatically and consistently testing for vulnerabilities. Administrators can assign predefined policy for PCI compliance to each application, authorizing automated application scans at critical junctures during the SDLC. Veracode’s technology will:

  • Automatically test applications and provide analysis of the results.
  • Prioritize issues by severity and deliver recommendations and instructions that accelerate remediation.
  • Retest software as needed to demonstrate successful fixes.
  • Demonstrate compliance with PCI 3.0 by providing documentation that applications have been tested and fixed.


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