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Security testing can prevent the effects of malicious software.

“Malicious software”, or “malware software”, refers to a broad range of threats to application security that may include viruses, worms, attack scripts, Trojan horses, backdoors and malicious active content. Intended to cause damage to a computer system or to initiate a security breach, malicious software may take the form of Active X controls, Java applets, browser plug-ins, scripting languages or pushed content.

When malicious software succeeds at accessing a network drive, it can propagate to other computers and systems in order to steal passwords and sensitive information, delete documents and data, reformat hard drives or cause network and server overload by flooding a system with email messages. Malicious software can also create a remote access to a computer, known as a backdoor, which hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to systems and applications.

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Stopping malicious software with Veracode.

One of the keys to stopping malicious software and ensuring enterprise data protection is to test applications in development and in production for flaws and vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious software.

Veracode offers industry-leading application security testing solutions that enable organizations to embed testing throughout the software development lifecycle. Where traditional testing tools have been cumbersome and costly, our cloud-based services are offered on demand, enabling organizations to avoid capital expense and allowing developers to test applications more quickly and easily.

With Veracode, developers can test code at any point in the process, from inception through production. Rather than waiting until security hardening stage late in the process when fixing flaws is difficult and expensive, Veracode helps developers to find vulnerabilities when it’s easier and more cost-effective to fix them.

Our services feature role based access controls to improve granular control while delivering greater flexibility. And by integrating easily into the C integrated development environment and other IDEs, our testing technologies allow developers to routinely test code without having to open a new environment.

A suite of services for combating malicious software.

In addition to malicious software and backdoors, Veracode testing services can identify and remediate a wide variety of threats such as time bombs, cryptographically insecure storage, deliberate data leaks, SQL injection vulnerabilities and much more. Our suite of services includes:

  • Static Analysis
  • Software Composition Analysis
  • Vendor Application Security Testing
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Runtime Protection
  • Web Pen Testing

We also offer Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a service that runs in the background of an IDE to identify and fix flaws as code as developers write it.

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