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HIPAA compliance requires powerful solutions.

The United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, also known as HIPAA, poses some significant information technology challenges for organizations that need to demonstrate HIPAA compliance.

Title II of the Act established HIPAA compliance standards for processing electronic healthcare data and for keeping healthcare records secure and private. When it comes to secure compliance, two key rules from this section affect the way that organizations handle software security:

  • The Privacy Rule ensures that patients can access their medical records and while restricting access by others.
  • The Security Rule stipulates administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all electronic protected health information.

Organizations seeking to achieve HIPAA compliance need tools to prove that software applications handling healthcare data are free of the flaws that could enable attackers to access and expose private patient information.

That’s where Veracode can help.

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Veracode: your HIPAA compliance partner

Veracode is a leading provider of application security solutions that protect the software powering today’s business and innovation. We offer a suite of cloud-based services and code review tools unified on a central platform that provide a wide range of approaches to application security testing. With Veracode, you can easily integrate security testing across your entire application portfolio – from inception through production and for open source components, third-party software and applications already deployed.

Our application security products include both static and dynamic analysis security testing, as well as tools to help developers fix vulnerabilities as they write, identify flaws in open source components, and evaluate the risks and vulnerabilities in third-party software – without requiring access to source code.

In addition to HIPAA compliance, Vercode’s testing solutions can help to achieve FISMA compliance, SOX compliance and compliance with PCI DSS 6.5.

How Veracode simplifies HIPAA compliance

Our on-demand testing services simplify HIPAA compliance by ensuring that applications processing patient data have been evaluated for flaws and vulnerabilities. With Veracode, organizations can demonstrate HIPAA compliance with the following requirements of the Security Rule:

  • Risk Analysis – Veracode’s application testing services help to quickly assess risks in applications handling protected health information.
  • Integrity – Veracode testing services can also demonstrate that applications are free from vulnerabilities that may compromise the integrity of patient data.
  • Risk Management – Veracode helps organizations improve HIPAA compliance with security best practices and world-class expertise in application security programs.
  • Authentication – Veracode services can verify that information like session identifiers are not vulnerable to authentication attacks.
  • Protection from Malicious Software – Veracode’s patented static binary analysis technology can demonstrate HIPAA compliance by proving that software is free of malicious code and backdoors.
  • Transmission Security – Veracode can also help to provide proof that applications have the proper level of encryption in place for web-based communication.

Learn more about HIPAA compliance with Veracode, and about Veracode solutions to prevent SQL attacks.