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Improve competitiveness with enterprise application testing.

Enterprise application testing is an indispensable application security technology for every organization striving to be more competitive. 
Business innovation today relies heavily on software. Yet most applications contain flaws that, when exploited by a hacker or malicious individual, can seriously jeopardize enterprise security. Enterprise application testing can help to find and fix those flaws, enabling organizations to continue to innovate and compete with confidence in the applications they build, buy and assemble.

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The challenge: integrating enterprise application testing into the software development lifecycle. Most application security tools are difficult to manage and create delays in meeting project deadlines. And the effort involved in testing applications already in production can be overwhelming, causing many development teams to not know where to begin.
That’s where Veracode can help. With cloud based security solutions that are easy to use, Veracode makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate enterprise application testing throughout the SDLC.

Veracode: seamless on-demand enterprise application testing

Named by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Security for three years in a row, Veracode provides a cloud-based platform that offers a holistic, scalable way to manage enterprise application testing across your entire application portfolio. 
Our comprehensive suite of testing services can be seamlessly integrated into the SDLC to identify flaws in coding when it is easiest and most cost-effective to fix them. Our on-demand service requires no capital investments in software and hardware, and allows you to avoid having to train or find qualified personnel to manage a complicated enterprise application testing tool.

Our testing services include:

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Advantages of enterprise application testing with Veracode

With Veracode’s enterprise application testing technology, you can:
  • Manage all application testing on a single platform.
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities in all stages of the software development lifecycle.
  • Scale enterprise application testing quickly and easily.
  • Train developers to write more secure code.
Learn more about Veracode’s enterprise application testing technology, and about Veracode’s RASP Java solution.