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Minimize the risk and cost of enterprise application security.

Enterprise application security is a business-critical priority today. Enterprises increasingly rely on software to deliver innovation and competitiveness, yet most applications were not built with security in mind, making them a frequent target for hackers and malicious individuals. It’s no wonder that web applications have become the #1 attack vector.
Improving enterprise application security is not a simple matter. Addressing app security flaws in a large number of existing websites and applications can be overwhelming. Adding web app security testing and application security best practices to the software development lifecycle can hinder speed to market. Evaluating third-party and commercial products for enterprise application security risks is difficult without access to source code. And training developers to write more secure code, test applications effectively and fix flaws quickly is quite a challenge. That’s why so many leading organizations worldwide turn to enterprise application security solutions from Veracode.

Veracode: cloud-based enterprise application security

Veracode delivers superior enterprise application security solutions for a business world that depends on software. Our unified platform combines process, automation, technology and security expertise to seamlessly integrate enterprise application security into every phase of software development, making it the perfect solution for agile security. With cloud-based services, we make it easy to address security flaws at the most cost-efficient points in the development process. Rather than investing in software, hardware and the staff resources to manage it, Veracode’s SaaS-based services let you ramp up quickly, see results on day one and dramatically improve enterprise application security throughout your software portfolio.
Benefits of enterprise application security with Veracode
When you choose Veracode as your enterprise application security solution, you can:
  • Manage enterprise application security on a single platform. With Veracode, you can scan and test all the applications and components you write, assemble and download. Our service scans binaries rather than source code to enable you to find and fix flaws in software developed in-house or acquired from a third-party.
  • Find and fix vulnerabilities in development, testing and production. Our solutions include tools for identifying issues as code is being written, when applications are compiled and after software has been launched.  
  • Benefit from leading expertise. Our enterprise application security experts provide insight as to the most effective way to remediate flaws and can help to train your developers on more effective methods for writing and testing code.
  • Fix the most dangerous flaws first. With Veracode, you get a list of flaws prioritized by severity along with advice on remediation, reducing the cost and improving the effectiveness of address security issues.
Learn more about enterprise application security with Veracode, and about Veracode’ RASP Java solution and application control audit services.




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