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Embedding security testing into development processes.

No matter what development processes an organization uses to produce software, integrating application security testing into the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is essential.

Applications are still the primary target today for malicious individuals trying to breach the defenses of organizations. Yet as many as 80% of all applications fail their first security test. It’s not hard to see why: short development processes and aggressive timelines frequently lead to situations where speed-to-market is prioritized over security. And software that combines in-house code with outsourced applications and third-party libraries doesn’t provide the visibility developers need to accurately identify and fix vulnerabilities.

Veracode provides a simple and scalable way to embed security testing into development processes. Our suite of on-demand application security testing services not only provides a mix of software testing methodologies, but enables developers to test for weaknesses at any point during development processes.

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Improving security in development processes with Veracode.

Veracode delivers security testing solutions that help protect the applications that businesses rely on most. Built on a scalable cloud-based platform, our services support Dev Sec Ops and can be integrated into any development methodology. By allowing developers to find and fix flaws quickly at the most logical point in development processes, we enable software security to be synonymous with software quality.

Automation is key to the success of our software testing methodology. Many of our services can be automatically executed, enabling security testing to become an easy and routine part of development processes. Results are prioritized by severity of the flaw and include step-by-step remediation suggestions, helping developers to find and fix vulnerabilities more quickly.

Veracode testing solutions for development processes.

Our solutions support multiple development processes, enabling developers to:

  • Test applications as they code. Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan runs in the background of an IDE to identify potential flaws in code and alert developers immediately, providing contextual remediation advice.
  • Test code that is built, bought or assembled. Veracode Static Analysis is a scalable white box testing solution with desktop, mobile and web application testing tools that can scan for weaknesses in compiled binaries, eliminating the need for access to source code.
  • Test applications already in production. Veracode Web Application Scanning is a service that inventories, tests and monitors all public-facing websites and applications. Lightweight scans can be run on thousands of sites in parallel to identify and prioritize the biggest risks, and deep scans can be run on critical applications to improve security and software quality metrics.

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