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Improve application security with powerful Dev Ops tools.

As Secure Dev Ops continues to transform software development, organizations and development teams require innovative new Dev Ops tools that can simplify application security testing.

In Secure Dev Ops, application security is no longer the concern of a small group of security experts – everyone from developers through operations must make the security of applications a top priority. To improve security without hindering agility and speed, development teams need powerful Dev Ops tools that can find and fix software vulnerabilities quickly and easily. Automation is critical – manual processes are too resource-intensive and time-consuming. And Dev Ops tools that can inject testing into every phase of the SDLC are essential. When developers have the software development tools they need to test software as is being written, purchased, compiled and prepared for shipment, Secure Dev Ops can truly be effective.

For organizations looking for Dev Ops tools that can do all this and more, Veracode provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based services for application security testing.

5 principles of Secure DevOps

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Dev Ops tools from Veracode.

Veracode application testing solutions help to secure the software that businesses and the world depend upon. Built on a unified platform, Veracode’s scalable, cloud-based solutions provide tools for testing applications from inception through production, reducing the risk of application-layer vulnerabilities in web, mobile and third-party applications.

Veracode’s Dev Ops tools combine process, speed and automation to improve the quality of application security testing while reducing cost and complexity. With Veracode, organizations can significantly improve security in the software they write, purchase and assemble.

Veracode’s integrated suite of Dev Ops tools for security testing.

Veracode’s Dev Ops tools for testing include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a tool that provides developers with immediate feedback on potential flaws as code is being written. Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan includes unit testing tools for testing microservices.
  • Software Composition Analysis, a solution for identifying vulnerabilities in commercial and open source code.
  • Static Analysis, a tool that analyzes binaries to identify flaws and prioritize remediation in applications that are written, bought or downloaded.
  • Web Application Scanning, a testing solution that inventories public-facing websites and applications and uses a combination of Dev Ops tools, including blackbox testing techniques, to identify flaws in software in production.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing, a tool for testing third-party software without requiring access to source code.

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