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How a DDOS attack can compromise your system.

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack poses a significant risk to your computer systems in more ways than one. In a DDOS attack, cyber criminals overwhelm a server, website or network resource with a deluge of requests, messages or malformed packets. This data onslaught causes the target system to slow down or crash, denying service to legitimate users.

When your system is the target, a DDOS attack can cause significant damage to productivity, reputation and your bottom line. But a DDOS can also compromise your system in another way – by using malicious software to take control of one or more of your computers or networked devices and making them a “zombie” or “bot” that helps to execute a DDOS attack against another target. Your enslaved devices may run slower than usual or show strange error messages. And while the impact of having your device serve as a bot for a DDOS attack may seem less significant than being the target of one, the loss to productivity can be significant.

Application security testing services from Veracode can help. By making it easy to test software throughout the development lifecycle, our cloud-based services enable you to identify and remediate vulnerabilities that can put your system at risk of participating in a DDOS attack.

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Preventing DDOS vulnerabilities with Veracode.

Veracode has become a leading provider of application security testing services that enable organizations to protect their most important software resources. With a suite of SaaS-based services, we enable development teams and IT administrators to add security to any point in the SDLC where it is most effective and cost-efficient to test applications.

Our services are offered on-demand, enabling development teams to quickly and easily submit code for review and receive results within hours. Results are highly accurate, preventing developers from having to spend hours chasing down false positives. And with results prioritized by severity and accompanied by step-by-step remediation suggestions, developers can quickly find and fix the most dangerous flaws first.

Veracode solutions for preventing DDOS bots.

Our testing technology includes comprehensive tools for fixing the vulnerabilities that can be exploited to turn computers and devices into bots. Our offerings include:

  • Static Analysis services that scan binaries to find flaws and vulnerabilities in microservices, desktop, web and mobile applications. Static Analysis can help to identify weaknesses that may lead to risks such as broken authentication and session management, SQL injections and website SQL attacks, cross site scripting, cryptographic insecure storage, and more.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a service that provides feedback to developers as code is being written.
  • Software Composition Analysis, identifying vulnerable components in open source and commercial code.
  • Web Application Scanning, a service for discovering, testing and monitoring all public-facing web applications.

Learn more about preventing DDOS enslavement, or visit our AppSec knowledgebase to get answers to questions like “What is spoof?” and “What is dynamic analysis?”

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