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Effective data loss protection requires secure applications.

Data loss protection is a growing priority for CISOs today. Organizations are storing more confidential data in digital form while the number of Internet-connected devices is skyrocketing into the billions – a combination that is dramatically increasing the number of damaging data breaches in the headlines. From intellectual property to customer data and confidential corporate information, organizations must take great pains to implement effective solutions for data loss protection.

  • Data loss protection solutions can be grouped into four categories.
  • Network-based data loss protection solutions protect data in motion. Technology installed at the network perimeter searches for signs of data leaks or violations of disclosure policies.
  • End-point-based data loss protection solutions monitor laptops, tablets, point-of-sale technology and other PC-based systems, looking for potential data leaks involving email, printing of files, or files being copied to a USB.
  • Storage-based data loss protection solutions provide protection for data at rest, evaluating storage solutions to determine whether information is being securely stored.
  • Content-aware data loss protection tools use monitoring, blocking and remediation functionality to help stop accidental data leaks.

The key to effective data loss protection strategy is to adopt a multi-layered approach that addresses the potential for data loss at every level, and to routinely test the security quality of the applications that are protecting your data. That’s where Veracode can help.

Improve data loss protection with Veracode.

Veracode delivers application security solutions and services for a software-driven world. With a unified platform that combines automation, process and speed, Veracode enables organizations to seamlessly integrate application security into software development, assessing and improving security from inception through production. With Veracode, development teams can ramp up quickly without needing additional staff or equipment, while achieving results and proving value from day one on.

Veracode supports data loss protection efforts with a wide range of solutions for ensuring application security. From Veracode’s Discovery solution (which identifies all public-facing web applications through automated scan) to solutions that embed security into the software development lifecycle through code review and developer training, Veracode provides tools to address data loss protection at every level of potential vulnerability.

Achieve data loss protection with Veracode’s Runtime Application Self-Protection.

Veracode’s Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) defends against malicious data leaks by detecting and preventing real-time application attacks. RASP prevents intrusions by automatically reconfiguring without human intervention in response to threats, faults and other specific security conditions. By coming into play when the application is executed, RASP enables organizations to move beyond solutions that employ security only at the perimeter of the network or and in point and enable applications to essentially defend themselves.

Learn more about data loss protection with Veracode.