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The growing need for data leak protection

As organizations increasingly store and communicate confidential information using digital technology, data leak protection has come into focus as a critical security requirement.

The nightly news is full of cautionary tales of companies whose data leak protection technology failed. The results are often disastrous – customer data is exposed, proprietary information is stolen and confidential corporate information is revealed, significantly damaging corporate reputation, customer confidence and profitability.

For better data leak protection, start with application security

The challenge of data leak protection is that there are so many points of potential vulnerability that must be defended. Consequently, many organizations adopt a variety of solutions to protect data at multiple places within the company.

  • Content-aware data leak protection solutions enforce company policies by examining content and blocking or remediating it as needed.
  • End-point-based data leak protection tools focus on potential leaks from laptops, tablets, point-of-sale technology and other PC-based systems. These solutions monitor specific user actions to identify and stop leaks through email, printing of files, or copying data to a USB drive.
  • Storage-based data leak protection add security at the data center infrastructure including file servers, SharePoint and databases. These tools focus on determining where confidential data lives and whether it’s being adequately protected.
  • Network-based data leak protection solutions are installed of the network perimeter and defend data while it is in motion. These tools monitor email traffic, social media, instant messaging, SSL traffic, Web 2.0 applications and more.

The best way to stop data leaks is to bake these kind of solutions into software development from inception through production. That’s where Veracode can help.

Data leak protection from Veracode

Veracode is a leading provider of application security solutions and services that are critical to protecting data in a software-driven world. Providing a powerful combination of automation, process and speed, Veracode integrates application security throughout the software development lifecycle, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development chain.

To help ensure better data leak protection, Veracode offers a broad range of solutions to help secure applications and to protect data throughout the organization. From static analysis and web application scanning to perimeter monitoring and vendor application security testing, Veracode’s multi-layered approach to application security helps to prevent breaches and leaks, to protect your data and to keep your organization out of the headlines.

Learn more about data leak protection from Veracode and about Veracode’s approach to application security.