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Protect your enterprise with cloud security applications.

Cloud security applications and SaaS application monitoring solutions are transforming the way enterprises protect against application-layer attacks.

Flaws and vulnerabilities in web applications are one of the primary sources of data breaches, yet only one in 10 enterprises today tests all critical software for resilience against data breaches. The reason? Traditional application testing solutions slow the pace of innovation.

Typical on-premises solutions are not only expensive to deploy but complex and time-consuming to operate, creating tension with development teams intent on bringing software to market faster. Consequently, testing is often ignored or postponed until a later date when fixing flaws is more expensive.

Veracode offers a better solution: cloud security applications and cloud-based security testing solutions that are purpose built for the speed and scale required to secure software across the enterprise.

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Cloud security applications from Veracode.

Veracode’s cloud security applications provide a simple, scalable approach to reduce application-layer risk across web, mobile and third-party applications. Our central platform hosts a suite of SaaS cloud security testing services that enable organizations to easily add security to every stage of the software development lifecycle – from inception through production, and from IT operations to the software supply chain and open source code as well.

To simplify secure DevOps and enable development teams to innovate rapidly, Veracode cloud security applications require no special testing expertise and no dedicated staff to operate and maintain. Developers can upload applications to Veracode’s online platform and receive test results within a matter of hours. Veracode’s cloud security applications combine automated services, centralized policies and world-class expertise to help organizations manage best practices for cloud application security more effectively.

Comprehensive cloud security applications for testing.

Veracode’s suite of cloud security applications include:

  • Static Analysis, a service that quickly identifies and remediates flaws in any application written, purchased or downloaded.
  • Software Composition Analysis, a tool for analyzing commercial and open source code and cataloging open source components for greater visibility into risk when open source vulnerabilities are discovered.
  • Dynamic Analysis, a service that finds, scans and monitors all the web applications belonging to an organization – even the ones that IT teams are unaware of. 
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a tool that runs in the background of an IDE to provide developers with real-time feedback and security recommendations as they write code.

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