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Black Box testing techniques are critical to application security.

Black box testing techniques are an essential part of any application security testing program. In contrast to white box testing where source code is available for testing and review, black box testing techniques are employed without access to code and with no information about the application structure. Blackbox testing techniques look for vulnerabilities and flaws from the outside of the application, imitating methods and tools that attackers might use to penetrate security.

Black box testing techniques can be highly effective at finding certain kinds of flaws, from server configuration mistakes or errors to input/output validation problems and other issues specific applications.

Routinely using black box testing techniques for application security testing presents challenges for many development teams. Managing black box testing requires a great deal of time and resources, which can be a hindrance for adhering to aggressive development timelines.

For organizations that want to deploy black box testing techniques as part of the application development process, Veracode provides cloud-based software development tools that can significantly simplify the use of these testing tools.

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Solutions for black box testing techniques from Veracode.

Veracode delivers vital application security solutions for a world that is driven by software. Offering a powerful combination of process, speed and automation, Veracode helps to seamlessly integrate application security into the software development lifecycle, fixing flaws and eliminating vulnerabilities at the most cost-efficient points in the development/deployment chain. Veracode’s solutions cover all phases of the SDLC, including unit testing tools for microservices.

Veracode Web Application Scanning (WAS) is a unified solution for application security testing that combines black box testing techniques with static analysis and other testing tools to find and fix vulnerabilities quickly. Veracode WAS tests applications to find security flaws that may be overlooked by other testing applications. With Veracode’s black box testing techniques, you may be able to find SQL strings, ODBC connectors, hidden usernames and passwords or other sensitive information that could be used to penetrate security or that are common to vulnerabilities like Shellshock and other code injection issues.

Veracode WAS also inventories all external web applications and performs a lightweight scan on thousands of sites in parallel to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize remediation.

Advantages of black box testing techniques from Veracode.

With Veracode’s black box testing techniques, you can:

  • Scan applications in any language including JAVA/JSP and PHP – Veracode’s solution is not language-dependent.
  • Emulate the methods of malicious attackers to probe the application surface and identify the results that are not part of the expected result set.
  • Prioritize critical flaws and use detailed remediation information to resolve issues quickly.
  • Incorporate proactive recommendations for longer-term strategies to improve application security across the software portfolio.


Learn more about Veracode’s black box testing techniques and about testing tools for PCI 3.0 compliance.

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