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Find and fix vulnerabilities with automated software testing tools.

Automated software testing solutions are invaluable for development teams working to deliver secure applications more quickly.

For many development teams, security is a second priority to speed when writing code. Developers have to deliver software faster in order to remain competitive and meet increasingly aggressive business requirements. Traditional security testing tools are fragmented, time-consuming and difficult to use, introducing unacceptable delays in the coding process. But prioritizing speed over security often results in problems later in the development process, when bugs and flaws are discovered just before release, or worst case, after software is in production.

Automated software testing tools can resolve the tension between speed and security by accelerating the testing process and taking the responsibility for testing out of the developer’s hands. With the right automated software development tools, teams can test software efficiently throughout the entire development lifecycle, delivering more secure applications while meeting development deadlines.

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Automated software testing solutions from Veracode.

As a leader in application security solutions that support today’s software-driven world, Veracode provides automated software testing solutions that simplify and accelerate the process of testing applications for flaws and vulnerabilities.

Built on a unified platform, Veracode’s suite of automated software testing solutions enable development teams to inject security throughout the process, from unit testing tools that test microservices as they’re being written, to testing technology for applications already in production and software purchased from third-parties. With Veracode, developers can address flaws at the most cost-efficient point in the development process, combining market-leading technology with best practices and deep expertise to improve security with every release.

Advantages of Veracode’s automated software testing technology.

With automated software testing technology from Veracode, organizations can:

  • Integrate solutions. Veracode’s automated software testing technologies include static analysis and black box testing techniques as well as software composition analysis and web application scanning.
  • Accelerate testing. Approximately 80% of all static scans are completed within four hours, enabling development teams to meet aggressive deadlines.
  • Increase accuracy. Veracode’s automated software testing tools often find flaws and vulnerabilities that are missed by traditional scanning solutions.
  • Simplify management. Veracode’s unified platform includes APIs and plug-ins that let developers initiate testing without having to open a separate environment.
  • Test third-party software. Veracode can scan binaries of third-party code to provide a security assessment without needing access to proprietary source code.


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