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Eliminate software flaws with automated code testing

For development teams tasked with delivering better software faster, automated code testing tools can help to effectively and painlessly inject security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

As developers face increasing pressure to deliver software more quickly, security can often take a backseat to meeting build deadlines. Traditional security testing methods like manual web app penetration testing are fragmented and time-consuming – they tend to cause unacceptable delays in the development process. But prioritizing speed over security can backfire when software goes live. Applications are now the most vulnerable part of the security perimeter, yet roughly 80% of applications fail their first security test.

Automated code testing tools can help by accelerating testing and taking the responsibility for testing off the developer’s plate. With the right automated web testing and automated penetration testing tools, development teams can efficiently test code throughout the SDLC, ensuring more secure applications while delivering software on time.

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Automated code testing from Veracode

As a leading provider of application security solutions and services that support today’s software-driven world, Veracode offers a suite of automated code testing solutions on a unified platform. Veracode’s subscription-based automated code testing tools help to ensure the security of applications that development teams build, buy and assemble, and the components they integrate into their environments.

Veracode’s web, desktop and mobile app testing solutions let developers effectively eliminate vulnerabilities at the point in the process where it is most cost-efficient. Combining best-of-breed testing technology with proven best practices and deep expertise in application security assessment, Veracode helps developers improve code security with every release.

Features of Veracode’s automated code testing solutions

Automated code testing tools from Veracode can execute routinely as a standard application control audit in the build process. By addressing and remediating security vulnerabilities early and often, development teams can avoid costly rework when code flaws are discovered just prior to release.

Automated code testing tools from Veracode also provide:

  • Greater accuracy. Veracode’s Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) And Dynamic Analysis Security Testing (DAST) automated code testing technology identify flaws and vulnerabilities that traditional source code scanners often miss.
  • Faster testing. With 80% of all static scans completed within four hours, Veracode eliminates the need to stop development to accommodate testing.
  • Integrated tools. Veracode builds testing into the software development lifecycle with APIs and plug-ins, so developers never have to interrupt coding to open a separate testing system.

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