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Software security testing stops threats at the application layer.

The application layer has become a primary target for attacks aimed at breaching enterprise security. Comprised of legacy applications, third-party software, open source components, mobile applications, web apps and internally developed software, the application layer is complex and largely unsecured. For attackers who almost always take the path of least resistance when attempting a breach, attacking the application layer makes perfect sense.

Software testing of apps in development and production can help protect the application layer, but there are challenges. For development teams, the cumbersome nature of most testing tools can add unacceptable delays to fast-paced software development models. And for apps in production, testing may mean taking software offline for a period of time.

For companies seeking to secure the application layer with effective and cost-efficient solutions, Veracode provides a suite of leading cloud-based testing services.

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Protect the application layer with Veracode.

Veracode application security solutions help to protect business-critical software for organizations around the globe. Offered as a SaaS-based subscription service, our services enable development teams to secure the application layer by seamlessly integrating testing into the entire software lifecycle – from inception through production.

Our automated testing services provide fast results, allowing developers to continue to meet aggressive development timelines while delivering more secure code. Veracode testing tools can be integrated into standard IDEs so developers no longer have to stop coding in order to open a new testing environment. Test results are returned with step-by-step guidance that enables developers to understand, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities quickly and easily. And our powerful suite of testing services provides technology to address application layer vulnerabilities and flaws at any point in development and production.

Veracode solutions for application layer testing.

Veracode helps to protect the application layer with testing solutions that include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan - runs in the background of an IDE and tests code as developers write it, providing immediate recommendations for remediation.
  • Static Analysis – scans binaries of compiled code to identify flaws and vulnerabilities in application layer assets that are built, purchased or assembled.
  • Software Composition Analysis – identifies vulnerabilities and manages risk in open source components.
  • Dynamic Analysis  – finds vulnerabilities in web applications already in production.
  • Manual Penetration Testing – provides services for a desktop, mobile or web application pen test.

Veracode services can also serve to enhance the security components of regression testing.

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