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Web applications have become the #1 attack vector for data breaches, making web app protection a critical priority for enterprises around the world. Yet only one in 10 enterprises has web application testing in place for all the critical applications in their portfolio. The reason? Traditional methods of web application security testing are a drag on innovation.

Superior app protection requires testing throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). But most testing solutions are difficult and time-consuming to use and can quickly become a hindrance to aggressive development timelines.

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Veracode offers a simpler and more scalable approach for achieving application protection through testing. With automated, cloud-based services, we make it easy and affordable to integrate testing throughout your application portfolio to significantly improve enterprise application security.

Achieving app protection with Veracode

At Veracode, we provide app protection for the software that powers your business and innovation. Our single, central platform covers web, mobile and legacy applications, integrating testing at all phases of the SDLC from inception through production.

As a SaaS-based solution, our services are purpose-built for the speed and scalability you need for enterprise-wide app protection. Veracode testing services are fast and easy to use, enabling you to test for flaws and vulnerabilities without slowing development timelines. And as a cloud-based service, there is no software or hardware to purchase and no dedicated resources required for ongoing maintenance.

When combined with centralized policies, app protection best practices and world-class expertise in application security, our testing technology enables you to continue to innovate with confidence in the software you build, buy and assemble.

Testing solutions for superior app protection

Our comprehensive suite of services for app protection includes:

  • Dynamic Analysis. This service combines web application monitoring with an app vulnerability scanner for lightweight and authenticated scans to find and fix flaws in all public-facing web applications.
  • Static Analysis. This service scans binaries rather than source code to analyze major languages and frameworks and identify vulnerabilities in software you write, buy or download.
  • Software Composition Analysis. This Veracode service helps to build an inventory of open source components and identify vulnerabilities in open source and commercial code.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan. This service scans in the background of your IDE to identify flaws as developers write code, providing contextual remediation advice that helps to fix issues in seconds.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Started With AppSec

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