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Challenges of the agile testing process

Many development teams are struggling to find an agile testing process that effectively balances the need for speed and SDLC Security. Finding and fixing vulnerabilities and coding issues with traditional testing tools tend to be time-consuming – that’s a hindrance for short agile sprints. Developers need agile testing tools support the efficiency of the agile SDLC rather than working against it.

The good news is that with the right tools, an agile testing process can actually deliver significant advantages over traditional methods. With agile methodology, the focus on continuous development lends itself to a continual agile testing process. And the automation that is a critical part of agile development can help to ensure agile security when agile testing becomes automated as well.

When choosing tools that can augment and streamline the agile testing process, more development teams today are turning to Veracode.

Improve your agile testing process with Veracode

Veracode provides application security solutions and services that deliver a simpler and more affordable way to reduce application-layer risk in the web, mobile, and third-party applications.

Veracode’s scalable, cloud-based service is ideally suited to the agile testing process. With a combination of automation, process, and speed, Veracode can seamlessly integrate application security into agile development, enabling development teams to eliminate flaws in coding at the point where it is easiest and most cost-efficient to do so.

Rather than waiting until a separate security hardening sprint held at a later date, Veracode lets developers identify and address vulnerabilities during the agile sprint. By making testing and security an integrated part of the SDLC and agile process, Veracode helps to eliminate the gap between the goals of accelerating development timelines and producing secure software.

Veracode’s tools for the agile testing process

Veracode provides a comprehensive set of tools to streamline and automate the agile testing process:

  • Static Analysis Security Testing provides white box testing tools that let developers upload code to Veracode’s cloud-based service and receive quick results that can be downloaded into their Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan scans code as it’s being written to find security defects and provide contextual remediation advice that can help to fix issues in seconds
  • Software Composition Analysis enables developers to build an inventory of open source components and find vulnerabilities in open source code.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing helps to reduce risk in third-party software by scanning binaries rather than source code, enabling developers to identify vulnerabilities without requiring third-party vendors to disclose source code or share intellectual property.

Learn more about supporting the agile testing process with help from Veracode.