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Improve application security with Agile testing solutions.

While the Agile software development lifecycle, or Agile SDLC, has helped to increase the pace and quality of software development, Agile security can sometimes suffer when speed is prioritized over effective Agile testing.

But the Agile testing process doesn’t necessarily need to conflict with the need to deliver software builds faster. In fact, with the right tools, Agile testing can actually be a significant improvement over traditional testing methods.

For starters, because Agile embraces automation to a greater degree than other development methodologies, Agile testing tends to be automated as well. Automated testing not only allows developers to spend more time on code, it promotes greater testing efficiency and thoroughness and ultimately helps to deliver software with fewer flaws.

In the same way that Agile development is iterative and continuous, Agile testing is also constant, checking for vulnerabilities in real time rather than waiting for specific points in the development lifecycle. That enables errors to get fixed earlier when remediation is less expensive.

And because most Agile testing solutions are cloud-based services, they can scale as needed to handle the testing requirements of multiple projects and sprints.

To manage Agile testing well, development teams need easy-to-use solutions that let developers remain focused on finishing sprints rather than managing test tools. That’s why so many companies have turned to application security and testing solutions from Veracode.

Agile testing technology from Veracode

Veracode provides a cloud-based service and a systematic approach for reducing application-layer risk in web, mobile and third-party applications. Combining automation, process and speed, Veracode’s solutions seamlessly integrate application security into the software development lifecycle, eliminating flaws at the most cost-effective point in the development/deployment chain.

Veracode’s application security solutions are extremely well-suited to SDLC Agile testing. With Veracode, security becomes part of the coding process rather than something added at the end. The result is that developers can more find and fix vulnerabilities faster and with less effort. By using Agile testing methods to find vulnerabilities during the coding phase rather than the security hardening sprint, development teams can save time and increase velocity while ensuring the security of software being shipped.

Veracode tools for Agile testing

Veracode’s solutions for Agile testing and secure web application development include:

  • Static Analysis Security Testing – Veracode’s technology scans major frameworks and languages without needing access to source code, enabling developers to assess the security of code they write, buy or download.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan – this testing tool runs in background during coding to find and fix issues while developers are still writing code.
  • Software Composition Analysis – this Veracode solution scans proprietary, commercial and open source code for vulnerabilities.
  • Vendor Application Security Testing – Veracode’s solution enables developers to scan binaries to evaluate third-party software, rather than requiring vendors to disclose source code or intellectual property.

Learn more about Veracode’s Agile testing solutions and about Veracode’s solutions for data loss protection.