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Stopping an advanced persistent threat through software testing.

An advanced persistent threat is a type of cybersecurity attack where malicious individuals gain access to a network and, rather than disrupting business operations or causing damage, remain undetected inside the network while they steal data over a period of time. Advanced persistent threat attacks are often directed at companies that deal in high-value information such as financial organizations, manufacturing companies and governments.

Software vulnerabilities are frequently the starting point for an advanced persistent threat attack. From SQL injection to cross-site scripting and other common attacks, an advanced persistent threat uses any means available to breach security defenses.

Implementing a robust software testing methodology can help to prevent an advanced persistent threat, but most testing technologies tend to hinder development timelines and add additional cost and complexity to the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Consequently, application security testing is often relegated to a secondary priority as development teams race to release software and updates.

Veracode can help. With a powerful suite of application security testing solutions, we enable organizations and development teams to implement security testing throughout the SDLC to support Dev Sec Ops and improve protection against an advanced persistent threat.

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Defending against the advanced persistent threat with Veracode.

Veracode provides application security testing and software quality solutions that help organizations worldwide to protect the software they depend on. Built on a scalable cloud platform, our suite of SaaS-based testing services enable development teams to embed security into every stage of the SDLC – from inception through production.

As a cloud-based solution, Veracode enables organizations to defend against an advanced persistent threat more cost-effectively. No hardware, software or infrastructure is required to be purchased or employed. Developers can submit code online via Veracode Platform and receive results within hours, helping to accelerate development timelines. Results are returned prioritized by severity and with step-by-step guidelines that enable development teams to find and fix issues more quickly.


Veracode solutions for preventing an advanced persistent threat.

Veracode helps to stop and advanced persistent threat with solutions that include:

  • Veracode Static Analysis, a tool for scanning software that is built, bought and assembled.
  • Veracode Static Analysis IDE Scan, a solution that provides immediate alerts and contextual remediation advice as developers write code.
  • Veracode Software Composition Analysis, a tool for identifying and managing vulnerabilities in open source code.
  • Veracode Dynamic Analysis, a web vuln scanner that discovers, tests and monitors all web applications.

Learn more about mitigating an advanced persistent threat with Veracode, and about solutions for security audits and improving software quality metrics.

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