What AdiOS does

AdiOS (Addressbook Detector for iOS) is a simple utility that lets Mac users scan the iOS apps in your iTunes directory to see if they have the potential to dump your phone book externally. AdiOS detects apps that access your entire address book, by using a binary grep to look for use of the ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeople API call. AdiOS quickly and easily finds all the apps that have the potential to violate your privacy.

Using AdiOS to audit your privacy

AdiOS allows Mac users to see what apps have potential privacy problems. Using AdiOS is easy.

If you have a few hundred apps, it'll take a couple minutes to complete. Output will look something like this:


Don't panic!

Lots of apps access your whole contact list for legitimate reasons! Social networking apps do it so you can make connections. Maps/directions/GPS apps do it for convenient access to all of your friends' addresses. Many games do it so that you can "share your highscores", etc. But still, it's interesting to see which apps have the potential to do what with your personal address book data. To read about our experience running AdiOS refer to our blog post on the subject.



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