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continuous security webinar resource

How Feasible is Continuous Security?

bugbounty resource

Bug Bounty Programs Are Not A Quick Fix

soss report 2016 resource

State of Software Security Report Volume 7 - 2016

yahoo breach webinar resource

Yahoo! A Breach Too Far or the Reality of Consumer Privacy in 2016?

state of appsec resource

The State of Application Security Practice 2016

appsec bytes resource

AppSec Tutorial: Cross Site Scripting

beyond deployment resource

Beyond Deployment Velocity: How Technology and Process Increase the Likelihood of a Successful, Secure DevOps Initiative

seven kinds security

The 7 Kinds of Security

spend threat

Application Security Spend Not Aligned with Application Security Risk

policy pointers

Policy Pointers: A Best-Practice Approach to Application Security Governance

creating security policies resource

Policy Matters: How to Build a Robust Application Security Governance Framework

how to convince board resource

How to Convince the Board That AppSec Is Your Most Productive Spend

security dev process resource

How to Make Security Part of Your Development Process

great debate

The Great Debate: The State of Application Security

security ecosystem

Security Ecosystem: Interdependencies of the Security World

How Do Vulnerabilities Get Into Software?

revealing truths myths and realities resource

Revealing the Truth Behind Software Security Myths and Realities

striking a balance resource

How Software Producers Can Boost Security Without Compromising Development Speed

metrics infographic

Top Metrics to Demonstrate the Need to Expand an Application Security Program

beyond dast sast

Application Security Beyond SAST & DAST

appsec breaches ebook

Application-layer Breaches Persist in 2015

5 principles securing devops resource

Five Principles For Securing Dev Ops

journey appsec program resource

Your Journey to an Advanced Application Security Program

combating vulnerabilities

Combating the Top 4 Sources of Software Vulnerabilities

Selling Your Org Appsec

Selling Your Organization on Application Security

5 appsec facts gbook

Five Application Security Facts That Aren't True

desirable developer

Showing Your Skills: How to Become a Star Developer

appsec journey

Top 6 Tips for Explaining Why Your Application Security Journey Is Just Beginning

soss V6 featured

State of Software Security Volume 6: Focus on Industry Verticals

financial industry

SANS: Understanding Security Regulations in the Financial Services Industry

sc magazine webinar

Selecting an Application Security Testing Vendor

sense of security resource

Sense of Security: Evaluating Your AppSec Needs

your guide to app sec solutions resource

Your Guide to Application Security Solutions

sans appsec buyers guide resource

SANS - Assessing Application Security: A Buyer’s Guide

german cebr report

Business and Economic Consequences of Inadequate Cybersecurity in Germany

Sans Survey 2016

SANS 2016 State of Application Security: Skills, Configurations and Components

why appsec program necessary software you sell resource

Why an AppSec Program is Necessary for the Software You Sell

appsec means business resources widget

Application Security Means Business for Software Vendors

3 essential secure software customers resource

3 Essential Best Practices for Creating Secure Software for Customers

badlock what you need to know header

Badlock: What You Need to Know

sans getting started webinar resource

SANS Webinar: Getting Started with Web Application Security

metrics pyramid resources widget

Benchmarking AppSec: A Metrics Pyramid

how apps self protect resource widget

How Your Applications Can Protect Themselves from Cyberthreats

proving performance metrics resources widget

Proving Performance: Using Metrics to Build a Case for AppSec

Using Metrics to Manage Your Application Security Program - SANS

3 Quick Wins with Web AppSec

Quick Win: 3 Steps to Get Started with Web Application Security

How Do Vulnerabilities Get Into Software?

Quick wins defensive about appsec resources

Quick Wins: Why You Must Get Defensive About Application Security

Joining Forces: Why Your App Sec Initiative Needs Stakeholder Buy-In

Getting started appsec resources

SANS: Getting Started with Web Application Security




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