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Securing The Software Development Pipeline

ESG Survey Resource

Veracode AppSec and DevOps Trends

Cloud Deployment Resource

Using Cloud Deployment to Jump Start App Sec

Choosing right path to appsec resource

Choosing the Right Path to Application Security

Veracode supports complete appsec program

Discover How Veracode Supports Your Complete Application Security Program

Secure devops resource

Getting Started with Secure DevOps

NYC Cyber Security

NY DFS Cybersecurity Regulations: What You Need to Know

Tree of Death

The Good and The Bad of Code Reuse


Conquering the Mountain of Security Debt

Security Ecosystem

Understanding Applications in the Security Ecosystem

Branded Vulnerabilities: How to Respond to Real Risk, Not Media Hype

Branded Vulnerabilities: How to Respond to Real Risk, Not Media Hype

Why breaches still happen

Why Data Breaches Still Happen

Veracode Explained in 2 Minutes

Veracode Explained in 2 Minutes

path mature resource

The Path to a Mature Application Security Program

5 keys to building resource

Your Chance to Get It Right: 5 Keys to Building AppSec into DevOps

Strutshock Webinar

Struts-Shock: Current Attacks Against Struts 2 and How to Defend Against Them

5 Stages of the DevOps Journey

Best practices third party

Best Practices of Third-Party Software Security


The Developer’s Guide to the DevSecOps Galaxy

Veracode Platform Overview

An Overview Of The Veracode Application Security Platform

Devops Regulated

How Do You Apply DevOps in a Regulated Environment?

Best DevOps

How to Get the Best Out of DevSecOps – From Operations’ Perspective

Human Side Resource

The Human Side of DevSecOps

Increasing software security resource

Increasing Software Security Up and Down the Supply Chain

Anatomy of superhero developer resource

Anatomy of a Superhero Developer

The 4 great industrial ages

The 4 Great Industrial Ages From the Steam Engine to AI

Best out of devsecops

How To Get The Best Out of DevOps - Security's Perspective

NY DFS cybersecurity regulations

Navigating the New York Department of Financial Services’ Cybersecurity Regulations

AppSec Financial Resource

Application Security Within The Financial Market

How To Get The Best Out Of DevSecOps - Developer Perspective

Family tree of vulnerabilities

Family Tree of Vulnerabilities

Steps to mature program

Your Path to a Mature AppSec Program

Strange but true appsec failures

Strange But True AppSec Failures

Veracode Greenlight Resource

Veracode Greenlight Demo: Static Analysis in Your IDE

Developer stress find your appsec zen

5 Ways to Find Your AppSec Zen

Devops survival guide resource

Secure DevOps Survival Guide

Best practices Infosecurity Group

How to Achieve Best Practice in Application Security in 2017

Life of an appsec manager

A Day in the Life of an AppSec Manager

What apps look like

What Applications Now Look Like

Components speed risk

Components: Increasing Speed and Risk

Global insurer secure development

Global Insurer Reduces Risk of a Breach Without Slowing Down Development

Handle app landscape

How to Get a Handle on Your App Landscape

SOSS Dev Supplement Infogprahic Resource

State of Software Security Report 2016 - Development View On Application Security Infographic

5 lessons from AppSec pro resource

5 Lessons From an Application Security Pro

Identifying and Remediate Vulns resource

Identifying Vulnerabilities Hidden in Your Applications

App Security Developers

Brief: App Security Can’t Happen Without Developers - Forrester Report

Tug of war

Winning the War on AppSec

infosec arsenal

Why AppSec Should be a Key Piece of your InfoSec Arsenal

soss dev supplement resource

State of Software Security 2016: Developer View on Application Security

continuous security webinar resource

How Feasible is Continuous Security?




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