Data Support Systems


Data Support Systems

Application Name:

TRIPS Exceptions 6

Assessment Technique(s):

Static Binary Analysis

Assurance Level:

High: critical for the business.

VerAfied since:


Application Description:

TRIPS Exceptions was the first widely accepted image exceptions solution, and is currently implemented by many top 50 banks in the United States. Providing the very latest capabilities to process Universal Exception Items, with TRIPS Exceptions 6 you can take the “exception” out of the process all the way through handling it as a return and adjusting customer accounts. TRIPS Exceptions 6 is a highly integrated solution that has proven itself as “best of breed” in the Image Exchange and electronic payments worlds and now with the optional “Decision Now Processing™” module, decisions on items can be made almost instantaneously; eliminating the need to wait for “Day Two”.


In its reviewed state, the TRIPS Exception 6 application meets or exceeds the security score outlined in the CA Veracode Risk Adjusted Verification Methodology for an application at the assurance level specified above. CA Veracode’s risk adjusted verification methodology is based on respected industry standards including MITRE’s Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) for classification of software weaknesses and FIRST’s Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for severity and ease of exploitability and NIST's definitions of assurance levels.




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