A Programmatic Approach for Managing Third-Party Software Risk

Supply Chain Security

Industry organizations such as FS-ISAC are now recommending static binary analysis as a best practice control for reducing third-party software risk.

VAST is a packaged solution that augments your own vendor management and security assessment processes with outsourced program management and assessment services that incorporate static binary analysis as well as dynamic analysis. VAST delivers:

  • A methodical, best practices approach to enabling your third-party software vendors to be compliant with corporate security policies.

  • Program managers that manage and police the program.

  • Security experts that help you and your vendors prioritize and remediate application-layer threats.

  • A trusted, independent cloud-based platform for rigorous security analysis that eliminates the need for vendors to upload their proprietary source code.

  • Visibility into vendor participation compared to program goals, along with escalation and resolution procedures for accelerating compliance.

  • Final independent attestation that the third-party software meets or exceeds your corporate security policies.

VAST benefits many enterprise stakeholders. IT security teams can now focus on their risk mitigation efforts. Purchasing and vendor management professionals can confidently attest to the security of externally sourced applications before procurement or acceptance. Compliance officers and IT auditors enjoy speedier audits thanks to documented and independently-verified results with complete audit trails.




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