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Developer Enablement Product Page - Empower Development Teams

Empower Development Teams

Most AppSec programs forget that there is only one team that can fix security findings: the development team. Yet, many security teams don’t have the bandwidth to enable developers, so they fail to reduce risk. Veracode enables developers with:

  • Security feedback in the IDE in seconds

  • Fix-first recommendations alongside findings

  • Automated fix advice

  • Code reviews with secure coding experts

  • eLearning for developers and security champions
Developer Enablement Product Page - Focus on Fixing, Not Just Finding

Focus on Fixing, Not Just Finding

Veracode focuses on fixing, not just finding, resulting in a 70 percent average fix rate. Prioritize with “fix first” recommendations and get access to automated advice, the Veracode Community, and secure code reviewers, reducing average remediation times from 2.5 hours to 15 minutes.

Developer Enablement Product Page - Reduce Introduction of New Flaws

Reduce Introduction of New Flaws

With Veracode, developers get feedback in the IDE in seconds as they are writing code, so they can learn on the job. This reduces flaws introduced in new code by 60 percent. Veracode’s program managers also advise teams on flaw types prevalent in particular development teams, suggesting targeted training courses to further reduce new flaws.

Developer Enablement Product Page - DevSecOps in the Pipeline

DevSecOps in the Pipeline

Veracode integrates with the tools organizations are already using so that they can get automated security feedback right in the pipeline. Get the full list of Veracode integrations here.

Developer Enablement Product Page - Developer Training

Developer Training

With Veracode’s all-encompassing learning experience for developers, organizations identify and fix flaws earlier, bring security closer to the development process, and lower expensive security flaw remediation.


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