Security Analytics & Peer Benchmarking

Our suite of analytical dashboards give you a fast and comprehensive way to track your application security program — and to compare your security posture to your industry peers.

Our dashboards are uniquely able to analyze results from tens of thousands of applications and millions of lines of code scanned by our cloud-based platform. Use them to better understand the threat space and quantitatively compare the security of your applications against your industry peers.

Our management dashboard helps you quickly understand key metrics such as:
  • Total number of scans performed in the last 24 months.

  • Percentage of scanned applications that are in full or conditional compliance.

  • Percentage of flaws that have been remediated.

  • Average number of flaws per megabyte of analyzed code.

Our peer benchmarking dashboard compares your progress against the industry with metrics like:
  • Number of applications in your portfolio.

  • Percentage of business-critical applications you scan.

  • Percentage of total number of applications you scan.

  • Percentage of applications you scan in comparison to peers in the industry.

Our compliance and risk dashboard assesses compliance levels across your global application infrastructure including:
  • Key metrics: Details the percentage of scanned applications, applications in compliance, peer applications in compliance and applications out of compliance.

  • Application details: Presents visual charts and tables to represent compliance results over the last 12 months.

  • Compliance status: Illustrates portfolio compliance by policy, application and time period.

Our flaws & remediation dashboard summarizes your progress in remediating vulnerabilities through:
  • Key metrics: Get visibility into the total number of open flaws, remediated flaws and Level 4 and 5 severity flaws you have remediated.

  • Open flaws: Explore charts and tables that represent the number of open flaws, sorted by severity level.

  • Top flaw types: Understand the most common issues in your portfolio—and which portion of flaws are fixed or still open.

  • Timeline chart: Browse open flaw trends over the last 12 months.



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