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Enhancements to Veracode Verified Program Validates Secure Coding for DevOps and Agile Processes

Program provides software buyers with a standard for understanding any vendor’s security posture

BURLINGTON, Mass. – March 19, 2018 – Veracode, Inc., a leader in securing the world’s software, acquired by Veracode (NASDAQ:CA), announced the evolution of Veracode Verified, a program that provides third-party validation of a company’s secure software developing processes.

With approximately 30 percent of all breaches occurring as a result of a vulnerability at the application layer, software purchasers are demanding more insight into the security of the software they are buying. Veracode Verified empowers software vendors to demonstrate their commitment to creating secure software.

New research conducted with International Data Group (IDG) found that 84 percent of software buyers include security requirements in new vendor contracts. Prospects and existing customers are more discerning than ever before when it comes to the security of the software being purchased, and without a means of demonstrating proof of security, organizations risk experiencing delayed or lost revenue. The Veracode Verified program provides several benefits to companies participating in the program, including:   

  • A roadmap for adopting and maturing an application security program tied to practical outcomes and business value for the Modern Software Factory.
  • Third-party attestation from an industry leader that an application has undergone security testing as part of the development process. This can help streamline the sales process to proactively address security concerns.
  • A focus on the secure coding process, not just a point-in-time release, to embrace DevSecOps and the rapid delivery pace of DevOps and Agile development methods.
  • A means of ensuring that third party software purchased or used meets a high standard of application security, to reduce enterprise risk.

“As software becomes a bigger component of value in all industries, every company is driven to become a modern software factory. Security becomes a competitive advantage as companies learn to create and buy high-quality, secure software. Too often we’re seeing security sacrificed to accommodate the speed of business,” said Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer, Veracode. “The result is insecure software that causes extraordinarily damaging breaches. The Veracode Verified program provides both a roadmap towards secure software development and a quick means of determining the commitment to security made by potential software vendor. The program seal highlights organizations that make secure software development a competitive advantage by showing that they adopted a mature application security program that covers the entire SDLC.”

Successful application security is more than just scanning and fixing security flaws, it’s about a change in processes and procedures to embed security into the entire development process. Veracode Verified focuses on implementation of secure coding practices, not just recording point-in-time scans, which makes it ideal for today’s DevOps and Agile methods, where releases happen at very high frequency and security must be fully integrated throughout the lifecycle.

The Veracode Verified program recognizes three levels of maturity to help organizations and consumers understand the security posture of the software they purchase and use. The maturity levels are based on more than 12 years of software security trend data pulled from the Veracode Platform. This data provides best practices to help create a secure development process that minimizes vulnerabilities and reduces the risk of a breach.

To learn more about Veracode Verified, click here.