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See us at OWASP AppSec 2016!

Oct. 11 – 14, 2016
Washington, D. C. 
Veracode empowers developers to create quality, secure software without compromising speed of development. Find out how at booth# G4. Stop by to chat and learn about our AppSec Tutorials, eLearning offers, recommended sessions and more.


Securing DevOps

When operations, security and development teams collaborate during software development, the final product is more secure, higher-quality software. DevOps increases teamwork, visibility, and efficiency. Yet, integrating security can be challenging for cultural and technological reasons. Veracode aims to ensure that DevOps teams get the best of both worlds: deployment velocity and security – without sacrificing in either area.

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Chris Wysopal

Chris Wysopal

Co-Founder, CTO


Pete Chestna

Pete Chestna

Director, Engineering

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AppSec Tutorials

Veracode’s AppSec Tutorials introduce security concepts. These quick, comprehensive clips outfit you with the knowledge to neutralize security risks in 10 minutes or less.

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Continuous Security: DevOps and Ongoing Authorization

Application security has changed dramatically from even just a decade ago. Today, if you do not build in security and deliver continuously, you are at risk. This is the story of how we have updated our practices to incorporate security at every phase, through the intersection of DevOps and Cybersecurity. The session will touch on lessons learned through real world experience and things you can do to begin integrating security into your DevOps pipeline through the use of ongoing authorization.

DevSecOps: A Peek Inside the Pipeline

Got it, DevSecOps… now could you stop dropping the microphone and show me how. It’s time for DevOps and Security to come together and show how tools and processes can make it possible for software developers and security professionals to unite in a common mission.

Moving to the Left: DevOps Practices and the changing role of SecOps

As shown in the 2016 State of DevOps Survey, DevOps practices are changing the role of security teams, moving them “to the left” in the SDLC as part of the design phase and no longer simply validating production as being secure. Result: 50% less time remediating security issues.

What the Micro Focus, HP Software Merger Means for the Future of AppSec

What happens to your AppSec program once the Micro Focus merger with Fortify is complete? Application Security is too important to figure out later. Contact us to discuss how Veracode has your path forward.

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