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Open Source, Open Taps, Open Possibilities

Open source component use is on the rise, and with this trend comes the increased risk for vulnerable entry points. Instead of being a deterrent, this movement should be a catalyst to understand how to manage your open source risk, and how to reduce that risk at DevOps speed.


Veracode has been recognized as a multi-year leader in the application security industry, with a comprehensive platform that provides visibility into your application status across all testing types. Come together with your peers for an evening filled with networking, food, drinks, and a great discussion with our subject matter experts around how to use open source code in a smarter way.

What you will walk away with:

  • Ways to increase your visibility into open source code risk
  • Best practices for using open source code
  • The rewards of using open source code components freely knowing that you are proactively managing the associated risk

May Tour Schedule

The following are a list of cities we are visiting

Opensource Conundrum at San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

May 14th 2019

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Opensource Conundrum at Denver, CO

Denver, CO

May 15th 2019

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Opensource Conundrum at Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL

May 16th 2019

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