Monitor and manage risks to your attack surface

The web and API attack surface is everywhere and rapidly expanding, creating more opportunities for exploitation. Often, security teams are unaware of assets on their perimeter that could pose a significant risk. Veracode helps organizations detect, prioritize, respond, and prevent threats and vulnerabilities with Veracode Discovery and Dynamic Analysis tools, and our Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) offering.

Detect attack surface

Uncover “Shadow IT” lurking on the perimeter. Identify and retire disused assets to reduce cost and reclaim forgotten web properties.

Respond with flexible scans

Prioritize the scan candidates that matter most. Initiate a scan on smaller web apps and APIs with just a few clicks, or create configurations to scan larger, more complex web portfolios.

Uncover elusive vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities only humans can by including an easy to purchase, “set it and forget it”, manual penetration testing subscription in your security program

Prevent future breaches

Effectively build a process to prevent future risks, unifying developer and security teams efforts for optimum application security with well-defined policy and the right tools and services.

Powerful crawl and audit engines

Dynamic Scans Performed
Vulnerabilities Found
3 .7 million

How Veracode Can Help: Identify, quantify, and respond to attack surface threats

Discover the unknown

Use a parallel, auto-scaling, production-safe crawler to find thousands of assets you didn’t know were there – typically 30-40% more attack surface than you thought you had.

Control the scan

Integrate standard scanning into the CI/CD environment and get scan results in under 10 minutes. For more complex scanning, use fine-grain configurations to scan one, or hundreds of web applications and APIs simultaneously.

Provide actionable guidance

Remediate faster through detailed information about vulnerabilities and automated ticket integration.

Get comprehensive test coverage

Use Penetration Testing as a Service to perform quarterly manual pen tests and uncover attack vectors and vulnerabilities that automated scans miss to build a critical element into your software security program.

Access professional support

Veracode security professionals are one click away. In-application support provides immediate access to helpful humans who can assist with a deeper dive into complicated scans or answer other security questions.

Try before you trust

Developers and security teams who need to scan smaller, less complex web applications and APIs: can use the standard scan tool free for 14 days to surface more immediate risk.

The Veracode Solution

Veracode Discovery

is a public-facing tool that helps teams identify all web applications on an organization's perimeter, including previously unknown sites outside of their corporate IP range, finding 30-40% more attack surface than most organizations knew they had.

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Veracode Dynamic Analysis

combines powerful crawl and audit engines with granular scan management to help you rapidly find and fix runtime vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs. Hands-on access to two dynamic scanning options allows you to perform the type of scan that best fits your needs.

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Veracode Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS)

Manual Penetration Testing is a critical component in any holistic, multi-faceted software security program. Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) allows you to utilize manual penetration testing like a subscription to find elusive vulnerabilities only humans can find. PTaaS can be used in conjunction with Veracode automated scan products.

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Veracode is Trusted by 2,600 Companies Globally

Prophecy International

Veracode helps Prophecy gain a competitive advantage in the market and meet industry security standards

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Veracode helps Inter with its secure development program, reducing scan time and ensuring business agility

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CINC Systems

CINC Improves Time to Market With Veracode Application Security

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