Build Security Competency for Developer and Security Teams

Developers are educated on writing and assembling code, yet not all are trained to do this securely. This gap creates friction between development and security teams, making it difficult to secure applications efficiently.

Veracode offers developers, engineers, and security teams an engaging, practical, and impactful education path to write secure code, address vulnerabilities, and pay down security debt faster.

Contextual, Experiential Learning

Learn ‘just-in-time’ directly from scan results, tailor course content, and help developers learn where they work – with real code.

Engage Developers and Security Teams

Keep teams engaged and eager to learn with secure coding competitions, leaderboards, champion level certificates, and phone-a-friend.

Comprehensive Topic Coverage

Address real-world challenges with broad and deep topic coverage across security vulnerabilities, latest OWASP trends, compliance topics, and more.

Proven ROI

Veracode eLearning achieves a 30% higher vulnerability fix rate, while Security Labs decreases time to remediate half of flaws found by 35%.

Make Impactful Change

Faster Fix Rate
35 %
Reduction in Flaws Introduced
12 %
Higher Fix Rate
30 %

Application security can be complex, disjointed, and difficult. Veracode makes it frictionless, fast, and easy.

Learn Concepts and Practical Application

Arm developers and security teams with the knowledge they need to deeply understand security concepts through interactive multi-media content to learn how to fix these in real apps, in real time.

Safe environment to explore real-time vulnerabilities

Learn to fix flaws, remediate vulnerabilities, and write secure code with hands-on training using containerized apps and APIs managed by Veracode.

Engage and Retain

Engage teams with gamification features like competition-mode, leaderboards, phone-a-friend, and certifications.

Compliance and Progress Tracking

Meet requirements for certifications like SOC2, HITRUST, and PCI, and easily report on team’s progress improvement over time.

Tailor content to meet organizational needs

Seamlessly integrate training into your Application Security program with pre-set courses or customize the curriculum by topic.

Expert Advice and Assistance

Veracode consultants offer professional guidance to provide program suggestions, set up competitions, and help highlight topics specific to your organization’s needs.

The Veracode Solution

Veracode eLearning

Educate both non-technical and technical teams on security concepts and remediation options using online video courses, quizzes, and access to the Veracode eLearning Knowledge Base.

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Veracode Security Labs

Employ real, containerized applications and APIs in action-based labs that allow developers to find, fix, and explore security flaws to see the impact on an application.

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Application Security Consultants (ASC)

Provide secure coding best practices, remediation coaching, and mitigation review tailored to help your development teams reduce security findings.

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Veracode is Trusted by 2,600 Companies Globally

Prophecy International

Veracode helps Prophecy gain a competitive advantage in the market and meet industry security standards

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Veracode helps Inter with its secure development program, reducing scan time and ensuring business agility

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CINC Systems

CINC Improves Time to Market With Veracode Application Security

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