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In the News Nov 18 2018 Business Insider

These are the 18 hottest companies in one of the most important tech trends for enterprises: 'DevOps'

Business Insider names Veracode among the 18 hottest companies changing businesses with DevOps.

In the News Nov 12 2018 The Block

Why blockchain is only as secure as the software that interacts with it

What makes securing the blockchain so difficult? Chris Wysopal examines how hackers can exploit the emerging technology and basic security measures that can help.

In the News Nov 09 2018 ZDNet

Security recommendations around elections

CTO Chris Wysopal details what's necessary to secure election processes and systems in a video interview with ZDNet's Tonya Hall.

In the News Nov 09 2018 TechTarget

Enterprise devs win with Veracode's SaaS security spinout

Industry analysts react to news that Veracode will become independent once again, as enterprise needs for cloud-based testing services that enable developers to add security to the software development lifecycle grow. 

In the News Nov 07 2018 Dark Reading

20 Cybersecurity Firms to Watch

Veracode is listed in Dark Reading’s "20 Cybersecurity Firms to Watch" alongside other notable global companies such as Amazon, Oracle, Cisco and Intel.

In the News Nov 07 2018 Ars Technica

The ugly truth about voting security: States won’t fix it

In this Ars Technica feature, CTO Chris Wysopal makes the case for bringing greater security to election software and processes, arguing that increased vetting and white hat hacking are needed to make big strides in securing how citizens vote.

In the News Nov 05 2018 CRN

Thoma Bravo To Buy Veracode From Broadcom For $950 Million

Veracode's SaaS platform is focused on helping security teams and software developers find and fix security-related defects at all points in the software development lifecycle. The company serves more than 2,000 customers across a wide range of industries, including nearly a third of the Fortune 100.

In the News Nov 05 2018 ZDNet

​Broadcom closes CA Technologies purchase, then sells CA's Veracode unit for $950 million

Broadcom is selling CA Technologies' Veracode application security testing platform to private equity firm Thoma Bravo for $950 million in cash.

In the News Nov 05 2018 eWEEK

Veracode Acquired for $950M as Broadcom Closes CA Acquisition

"The market for AppSec is growing rapidly, and the urgency for what we have to offer has never been higher," Sam King, senior vice president and general manager of Veracode, told eWEEK.

In the News Nov 05 2018 Xconomy

Broadcom to Sell Veracode for $950M After $19B CA Technologies Deal

Broadcom is selling application security testing business Veracode for $950 million to private equity firm Thoma Bravo. Veracode has been one of the stalwarts of the local cybersecurity cluster and hunts for vulnerabilities in software by scanning it throughout the development lifecycle.

In the News Nov 05 2018 Infosecurity Magazine

Veracode Acquired by Thoma Bravo and Splits from CA After Broadcom Deal

Private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo has agreed to acquire Veracode for $950 million, on the same day that its parent CA Technologies were acquired by Broadcom for a reported $18.9 billion.

In the News Nov 02 2018 BBC News

How can we stop being cyber idiots?

Humans are often the weakest link in the chain when it comes to computer security. So how can we stop doing silly things that play into the hands of cyber criminals? Paul Farrington of Veracode offers his take in this BBC News feature.

In the News Oct 30 2018 Forbes

No Free Lunches In Software: Understanding Open Source Code Use In Your Business

Businesses benefit from the ease of use of open source code in everything from setting up their IT infrastructure to laying the foundation for applications they develop for their customers. The reality is that very few developers start their code from scratch; instead, they borrow components from open source libraries.

In the News Oct 26 2018 Intelligent CISO

Veracode reveals latest State of Software Security report

This year’s report offers insights into differences by region in how quickly vulnerabilities are being addressed. The UK was among the strongest performing regions: businesses there closed the first 25% of their flaws in just 11 days, second fastest among all regions, closed 50% of flaws in 72 days and closed 75% of flaws in 304 days.

In the News Oct 26 2018 Enterprise CIO

Get to grips with DevSecOps – and address security flaws much more quickly

DevSecOps involves bringing security into the DevOps fold, and making security testing a natural part of the development process. According to the study, which examined fix rates across 2 trillion lines of code, more than 70% of flaws were still there one month after being discovered.

In the News Oct 25 2018 Dark Reading

DevSecOps An Effective Fix for Software Flaws

Knowing a vulnerability's severity might not tell you anything about how quickly that vulnerability will be fixed. But knowing what kind of development model the company is using could tell you a lot.

In the News Oct 25 2018 eWEEK

State of Software Security Moving Forward Slowly, Veracode Reports

Veracode's 2018 State of Software Security Report finds that the same flaws keep on showing up in applications, but there are things that organizations can and should be doing to limit risks.

In the News Oct 24 2018 Infosecurity Magazine

Software Security Report Shows Improved DevSecOps

Veracode's State of Software Security Vol. 9 evidenced improvements in DevOps security, suggesting that DevSecOps is facilitating better security and efficiency, and also analyzed flaw persistence to measure the longevity of flaws after the initial discovery. 

In the News Oct 24 2018 SC Magazine UK

Most applications 'suffer from information leakage bugs'

The recently published 2018 State of Software Security report by Veracode found that information leakage bugs were found in 66.8 percent of tested applications, while cryptographic issues plagued 63.7 percent of apps.

In the News Oct 24 2018 TechRepublic

Organizations with strong DevSecOps find flaws 11x faster than those without

The State of Software Security report Volume 9 shows the number of vulnerable applications is incredibly high, but implementing DevSecOps has proven to be effective in mitigating flaws.

In the News Oct 24 2018 Axios

Study: Software security vulnerabilities persist for months

Axios highlights data points from the new State of Software Security report, which shows the majority of vulnerabilities persist unpatched well after being discovered and that mission-critical apps take longer to fix than less critical apps.

In the News Oct 24 2018 ZDNet

Most enterprise vulnerabilities remain unpatched a month after discovery

ZDNet's Charlie Osborne covers the State of Software Security Volume 9 report - including how vulnerabilities impacting organization networks, apps, and infrastructure are not all equal, and reasons why flaws may persist for lengthy amounts of time even after being discovered. 

In the News Oct 24 2018

DevOps Chat: The State of Software Security with Veracode’s Chris Eng

In this podcast, Chris Eng, VP of Research at Veracode, discusses the findings of the Veracode State of Software Security Volume 9 report and the critical takeaways for businesses.

In the News Oct 21 2018 Associated Press

Cybersecurity pioneer Wysopal on startup lessons

In a Q&A with the Associated Press, CTO Chris Wysopal discusses his entrepreneurial journey and his advice for cybersecurity startups. 

In the News Oct 21 2018 Associated Press

Cybersecurity ‘Paul Revere’ touts adversarial model

CTO Chris Wysopal discusses the state of cybersecurity today with the Associated Press in a wide-ranging conversation covering election security, white hat hacking, and ethical software development.



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