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In the News Jan 17 2019 StateTech Magazine

Botnet Attacks: How City Governments Can Defend Against DDoS Attacks Fueled by IoT Botnets

Smart city devices have the potential to be hacked and used against the very cities that deployed them. Chris Wysopal addresses how that threat can be mitigated.

In the News Jan 03 2019 Irish Tech News

Hackers hijack 70,000 Google Chromecasts through bug

Why Universal Plug and Play has been problematic for years. A new attack raised new attention on how it can create risk. 

In the News Jan 03 2019 SC Magazine UK

EU announces FOSSA bug bounty program worth nearly €1m - but is it enough?

As the EU launches financial incentives to find bugs in popular open source software, experts warn that there may not be enough resources to respond to waves of bug reports.

In the News Jan 03 2019 Computer Business Review

Europe to Fund Open Source Software Bug Bounty Program

As Europe introduces a million-pound bug bounty program for open source projects, Paul Farrington highlights the misperception that the open source community is finding every vulnerability. 

In the News Jan 03 2019 IT Supply Chain

Developers need to scan and test the security of their systems regularly to prevent an UPnP vulnerability

A recent hack of Google Chromecast and internet-connected smart TVs illustrates the importance of security by design and continuous automated security testing to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited, writes Paul Farrington for IT Supply Chain.

In the News Jan 02 2019 SD Times

Software predictions for 2019

VP of Strategy Mark Curphey shares his view on why we'll see increased automation as DevOps and DevSecOps models become the norm.

In the News Jan 02 2019 DevPro Journal

Did ISVs Keep Up With Application Security in 2018?

Software developers made strides to fix application security flaws faster, and a shift to automation and continuous delivery could make that process even more efficient. Mark Curphey tells DevPro Journal how this impacts independent software vendors. 

In the News Dec 19 2018 ZDNet

Government systems need better IT security

As we approach the end of 2018, Chris Wysopal sat down with ZDNet to reflect on how the security landscape has evolved. One area that will continue to be top of mind? The need for better security in government systems.

In the News Dec 18 2018 Infosecurity Magazine

#2018InReview Application Security and Software Development

In this article on the security landscape for the year ahead, Veracode's Paul Farrington illustrates how forces like Brexit, cross-border cybersecurity collaboration, and an increased pace of application development will make  2019 a challenging year for many UK organizations

In the News Dec 11 2018 Fifth Domain

Cyberattacks are increasing, and so is cyber insurance

With increasing cyber attacks comes a parallel increase in cyber insurance. CTO Chris Wysopal tells Fifth Domain why risk evaluation and demanding proof of secure practices will lead to greater cybersecurity.

In the News Dec 11 2018 Software Testing News

Google Plus closure accelerated due to API bug

In the wake of Google’s latest data breach, Paul Farrington, director EMEA Solution Architects at Veracode, calls for consistency in security and app performance scans: “Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of vulnerabilities in web and software applications and businesses are making their life very easy, with our recent research revealing that more than 85% of applications have at least one vulnerability when first scanned.”

In the News Dec 06 2018 DZone

Open Source Predictions 2019

In DZone, Vice President of Strategy Mark Curphey discusses why we'll need increasingly powerful automation to track vulnerabilities in the millions of open source libraries that are on the way. 

In the News Nov 30 2018 Associated Press

Marriott security breach exposed data of up to 500M guests

The breach of the Marriott hotel empire is one of the largest in history - Chris Wysopal talks to the AP about its scale and why the type of data the hackers accessed is so valuable. 

In the News Nov 30 2018 TechBeacon

How to empower your DevSecOps heroes

Veracode Vice President of Research Chris Eng authors an article for TechBeacon that describes why it doesn't take a superhuman effort to secure applications. Embedding security design and testing into the continuous software delivery cycle via DevSecOps principles that offer a balance of speed, flexibility, and risk management is the only way to keep up.

In the News Nov 25 2018 TechRadar Pro

A click away from catastrophe

Cybercriminals are still exploiting the one ubiquitous weakness of every organization - human fallibility - in myriad ways. Read about some of the most common social engineering tricks in this article by Veracode's Paul Farrington. 

In the News Nov 22 2018 SC Magazine

The cyber-security skills gap: upskilling the workforce

In this article for SC Magazine, Veracode's Paul Farrington outlines why lack of cybersecurity education for developers and inherently insecure code make the cyber skills gap even more acute.

In the News Nov 20 2018 Retail Innovation Hub

Retailers quick to fix flaws in software but code quality issues run riot

Veracode’s latest State of Software Security report (SoSS) shows that retail is faster than most industries when it comes to addressing common vulnerabilities found in software.

In the News Nov 18 2018 Business Insider

These are the 18 hottest companies in one of the most important tech trends for enterprises: 'DevOps'

Business Insider names Veracode among the 18 hottest companies changing businesses with DevOps.

In the News Nov 12 2018 The Block

Why blockchain is only as secure as the software that interacts with it

What makes securing the blockchain so difficult? Chris Wysopal examines how hackers can exploit the emerging technology and basic security measures that can help.

In the News Nov 09 2018 ZDNet

Security recommendations around elections

CTO Chris Wysopal details what's necessary to secure election processes and systems in a video interview with ZDNet's Tonya Hall.

In the News Nov 09 2018 TechTarget

Enterprise devs win with Veracode's SaaS security spinout

Industry analysts react to news that Veracode will become independent once again, as enterprise needs for cloud-based testing services that enable developers to add security to the software development lifecycle grow. 

In the News Nov 07 2018 Ars Technica

The ugly truth about voting security: States won’t fix it

In this Ars Technica feature, CTO Chris Wysopal makes the case for bringing greater security to election software and processes, arguing that increased vetting and white hat hacking are needed to make big strides in securing how citizens vote.

In the News Nov 07 2018 Dark Reading

20 Cybersecurity Firms to Watch

Veracode is listed in Dark Reading’s "20 Cybersecurity Firms to Watch" alongside other notable global companies such as Amazon, Oracle, Cisco and Intel.



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