Eugene Kuznetsov

Chairman and Co-founder, Abine Inc.

Eugene Kuznetsov is currently chairman at Abine Inc, an online privacy company he co-founded in 2008. Kuznetsov is also currently on the Board of Directors of CoolChip Technologies, Viewfinity, Vyatta Inc, and Active Endpoints. Prior to Abine he served as an IBM executive, with responsibility for product management and marketing of SOA appliances. In addition to his management duties, Kuznetsov is also a member of IBM Software Group Architecture Board and IBM AIM Strategy Council.

Kuznetsov joined IBM through acquisition of DataPower in October 2005, with substantial returns for all shareholders. Both Kuznetsov's business and technical leadership has received recognition, including the prestigious InfoWorld Top 25 CTOs of 2005 and regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 awards.

Eugene founded DataPower in 1999 based on his idea of combining dynamic compilation and network hardware technology to simplify the process of connecting disparate applications and served as President until spring 2003. The company developed the first "XML-aware networking" hardware, then unique in delivering message-level processing functions within a secure network device. DataPower's broad product family ensures award-winning security, performance and manageability for XML, Web Services and SOA applications. Kuznetsov served as President, VP of Marketing, CTO and Chairman at various points in the company's six year history as it grew from one to 75 employees, raising over $20M from investors and building a customer list of household names.

Prior to DataPower, Eugene worked or consulted for a number of companies, including Analogic and Microsoft; he has worked on a variety of hardware and software engineering problems in the areas of memory management, power electronics, JIT compilers, optimized execution engines and application integration. His outside research interests are focused on analog electrical engineering. Kuznetsov earned a BSEE from MIT.

Kuznetsov's articles have appeared in ZDNet, EETimes, XML Journal, Network World, Java Report, eBizQ and SC Magazine. He is a well regarded speaker at numerous conferences and events including NetSec, JavaOne, Networld+Interop, NATO C3 Agency, HPWorld, CIO Council Working Group, Web Services DevCon, MITRE XML Day, NECINA, Web Services Edge, Gartner's Application Integration and Web Services Summit, the IT Security & Privacy Conference, and ITTC 2004.