Isaac Dawson, Senior Security Researcher

Isaac Dawson is a Senior Security Research at CA Veracode, where he researches attacks and methods for creating a next generation application security scanner. This cutting edge research has led to advancements in CA Veracode’s automated web scanner's ability to identify and exploit security issues. He has developed numerous internal systems containing thousands of variations of web vulnerabilities for use in ensuring the greatest amount of scanner coverage.

Isaac has also done in-depth research into web browsers and their attack surface which led to creating an open source tool for automating web browser testing called WBTS. This research led to finding numerous vulnerabilities in various browsers such as Google Chrome. He has also been involved with building the Japan OWASP chapter as well as presenting at SyScan, PacSec and other smaller conferences. While the majority of his research focuses on the web, he is also interested in mobile technologies as well as reverse engineering.

Prior to CA Veracode, Isaac worked for @stake (subsequently Symantec after @stake was purchased in 2004) doing application penetration testing. In 2005 he relocated to Japan and helped to train and start their application security team.



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