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DevSecOps is all the rage these days. It’s our industry’s “word of the day.” It’s the next phase in the evolution of DevOps, bringing security into the DevOps process and making secure code an element of high quality code.

But although lots of companies are talking about DevSecOps, do they know what it actually looks like in action? What really makes a successful DevSecOps initiative successful? Veracode’s Hops and DevSecOps Tour is here to answer your burning DevSecOps questions. Be sure to attend one of our happy hour tour stops in a city near you this fall!

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In this free, casual event, participants will:

  • Learn the true value of DevSecOps by hearing stories from people on the front lines, implementing DevSecOps initiatives.
  • Hear from industry experts on this trend and why it’s important.
  • Network with peers in your local area.
  • Earn up to two CPE credits.

Just like a smooth craft brew, success in DevSecOps is a recipe many are eager to discover. Whether you are a developer or a security manager, attendees will leave with a better understanding of this important industry change and how DevSecOps works in the real world. Best of all, you will get to sample some of your city’s local craft brews and network with your peers in a fun, casual atmosphere.

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