On Friday, May 12, an unprecedented cyberattack affected approximately 200,000 computers across 150 countries. By exploiting a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows, a combined worm/ransomware attack called WannaCry shut down hundreds of thousands of computers and demanded payment in order to regain access.

In episode 5 of our AppSec in Review podcast, Evan Schuman and Veracode's Brian Fitzgerald discuss this unique attack and its implications.

Listen to this discussion for:

  • An overview of the attack and what makes it unique
  • Best practices for preventing these types of attacks – in the long and short term
  • Details on how to recover from WannaCry
  • Thoughts on what WannaCry indicates about the future of cyberattacks and cybersecurity

Suzanne is a marketing writer at Veracode. In this role, she’s part of a team working to shed light on AppSec through compelling and clear content. Suzanne has been a professional editor and writer for many years, for companies including Forrester Research, Cengage Learning and EBSCO Information Services.

Comments (2)

Jeremy Sheehan | May 23, 2017 9:18 pm

Any chance of getting an RSS feed for your podcast? Typically you can get one for Soundcloud, but this particular one is not setup for it. I'd really like to start listening, but it is difficult w/o an RSS feed.



Neil | May 24, 2017 9:20 am

@Jeremy - We've just enabled the RSS feed via Soundcloud, sorry we missed that!

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