Podcast: Cyber Geneva Convention Proposed at RSA: Is It Feasible?

Suzanne Ciccone By Suzanne Ciccone
April 20, 2017

AppSec in Review Podcast, Episode 4: Cyber Geneva Convention Proposed at RSA: Is It Feasible?

At the most recent RSA Conference this past winter, Microsoft President Brad Smith proposed a Cyber Geneva Convention. We’ve had four Geneva Conventions in modern history. In each convention, the world’s nations came together to agree upon a set of guidelines on how war would be conducted, how civilians would be treated and how governments would respond if these agreements were broken. What about cyberwar? Smith called for a fifth Geneva Convention, aimed at protecting civilians online.

Is this proposal valid, or even feasible? What would the advantages be? What would the regulations emerging from such a convention look like?

Veracode’s Brian Fitzgerald discusses the idea of a Cyber Geneva Convention with Evan Schuman in this fourth installment of the AppSec in Review podcast.

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