Earlier this year, we looked at what 2018 has in stock for open source, and we wanted to continue this trend to dive a little bit deeper into the resolutions the developer community may have for the New Year. For some, it’s a matter of striving to write smaller batches of code that are more testable, better for security stance, or getting more of the enterprise to internalize that quality code is everyone’s job. For others, it’s trying to integrate the right rigors at the right point in the development cycle while simultaneously not undermining the goal of delivering value quickly. Heaven forbid if security conflicts with aggressive time to market.

In this podcast, CA Veracode Vice President of Engineering Maria Loughlin discusses some of the resolutions she and her development team have for the year, and examines development trends including deepening DevOps, microservices and how successful dev teams will be composed to create great, secure software.

Show Notes:

Laura Paine is a senior web content developer at CA Veracode, focused on research, product and current events. She is a contributor to CA Technologies Security.com blog and repsonsible for publishing CA Veracode's State of Software Security Report. Prior to taking this position in content marketing, Laura was the global public relations and analyst relations manager for the business unit.  Follow Laura on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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