Why You Should Join the Veracode Community Beta

Asha May By Asha May
June 5, 2017

We’re launching a beta of the Veracode Community this July. As your Community Manager, I am inviting any and all Veracode customers to participate as early adopters. Why should you participate?

… to take advantage of easy access to resources to help you get the most out of Veracode and secure your software simply and systematically

… to interact with your peers across the Veracode customer base and benefit from AppSec best practices recommended by folks like you working in the trenches

… to share feedback on Veracode products and services

Most importantly, your early feedback will help us help you, so that the Veracode Community includes all the most useful features to meet your needs. Beta releases are done for all types of software to help find bugs and incorporate feedback to ensure the best functionality – this is no different!

A primary benefit of the Community is access to various types of resources (product documentation, frequently asked questions, peer discussions). You get the information you need conveniently at your fingertips, plus the ability to connect with our support team when you need more help.

The Veracode Community will become the “Google” for answering all your Veracode questions and finding the AppSec support you need – from integrations to remediation best practices, and onboarding needs. By joining the beta release, you’ll help us offer the best experience when we launch for all customers in the fall.

I am excited to engage with all of our customers in the Veracode Community. Interested in participating in the beta release? Please contact me at [email protected].

Asha leads the Customer Experience programs at Veracode, including the Veracode Community and Veracode Verified programs. Asha is passionate about the opportunity for better conversations, better engagement, and better alignment with customers through digital programs. Asha has held both services and marketing roles at Veracode since joining in 2014 and has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry.