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Components: Increasing Speed and Risk

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By Jessica Lavery April 19, 2018

Open source component vulnerabilities have been a hot topic in the security industry as well as in the media. It used to be the main concern in software development was making sure you testing throughout the SDLC. While this is still a crucial part of making sure your software is secure, component security has grown in importance. As Tim Jarrett, Director of product management at Veracode... READ MORE

Building a Security Awareness Ambassador

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By Jessica Lavery April 19, 2018

Lance Spitzner, Director, SANS Institute The security skills gap is well documented. There just aren’t enough security professionals in the workforce to help secure our digital economy. Even if there were, scaling to the number of security professionals needed to create a comprehensive security program alone would not solve the security problem, especially in AppSec. During this talk, Lance... READ MORE

DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day at RSA demonstrates how the thinking around secure software has evolved

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By Jessica Lavery April 17, 2018

RSAC 2018 kicked off today with DevOps Connect: DevSecOps Day @ RSAC 2018. This full day event featured speakers security vendors, security practitioners and development teams.  It was interesting to compare the perspectives of the security and development teams when it comes to software security. What was even more interesting was how similar their perspectives are, and to see them... READ MORE

Looking Ahead to RSA: What You’ll See at Booth N3309

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By Sam King April 12, 2018  | Managing AppSec
Find out what we're highlighting at RSA this year.

RSA 2018 is fast approaching, and all of us at Veracode are gearing up and getting ready. I’m excited to return this year, and looking forward to both sharing what’s new with us, and learning more about what others have been working on this year. Although the size of this conference can be overwhelming, bringing so many security professionals together creates a truly unique source of knowledge... READ MORE

Looking Ahead to RSA: Why AppSec Will Take Center Stage

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By Chris Wysopal April 9, 2018
What will be center stage at RSA this year?

RSA Conference is unquestionably the biggest security event of the year. With so many companies showcasing the latest and greatest in security technology and solutions, it’s very difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. However, in light of recent headlines, it’s evident that securing the software that powers our digital economy will be a major talking point at this year’s show. With that in... READ MORE

CA Technologies Acquires SourceClear, Advancing SCA Capabilities for a DevSecOps World

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By Sam King April 9, 2018

As software becomes a bigger component of the value delivered by companies in every industry, it’s no exaggeration to say that every company is becoming a software company. We find our customers pushing the envelope on how to tool up their internal software factory to make software better, faster and more efficiently. Those goals are also driving increased use of open source libraries. This saves... READ MORE

ACS Center’s Michael Figueroa Discusses the Technical Disconnect in Election Security

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By Laura Paine April 4, 2018

When officials explore the issues surrounding election integrity in the United States, one obstacle tends to frame those discussions: the huge chasm that exists between the technology sophistication of cyber attackers intent on disrupting U.S. elections, and the technology sophistication of the officials who run those elections. Even an attack as low-tech as an email phishing campaign, where... READ MORE

State of Software Security: Checking the Pulse of the Healthcare Industry

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By Laura Paine March 30, 2018

Over the past year, our scans of thousands of applications and billions of lines of code found a widespread weakness in applications, which is a top target of cyber attackers. And when you zoom in from a big picture view down to a micro-level, there are a few industries that are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape and combat the tactics of malicious actors... READ MORE

Why I'm Going to RSA 2018: Veracode's New SVP of Engineering

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By Neil DuPaul March 29, 2018  | Intro to AppSec

Paiman Nodoushan has been working at Veracode for about two months. In that time, he's met a lot of his peers and claims he already remembers over 50% of their names, no small feat. Jokes aside, he's been getting to know his team, our projects, and the ins and outs of our entire SaaS operation. In our quick interview, he describes the team at Veracode as hard working and passionate, and goes on... READ MORE

Looking Ahead to RSA: Talking Open Source Components

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By Tim Jarrett March 23, 2018
Why attend RSA 2018

The marquee event of the security industry is fast approaching – the 2018 RSA Conference will take place in San Francisco April 16 to 20. This is a highlight of the year for all of us at Veracode, and we will have a major presence there, in part because of the sheer size of this event – both in terms of attendance and scale. It’s definitely the leading business-focused security show, and we know... READ MORE

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