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No One Technology is a Silver Bullet

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By Chris Wysopal September 23, 2015  | Research

Can one approach to application security solve all your problems? Of course this is a silly question as anyone who is tasked with reducing the risk of their application layer knows. The only people who ask this question are vendors … who of course have a vested interest in drumming up business for their offerings. This week we’re all treated to watch this spectacle play out in the... READ MORE

AngularJS Expression Security Internals

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By Isaac Dawson June 25, 2015  | Research

Introduction: As part of my research duties I tasked myself with becoming more familiar with the newer MVC frameworks, the most interesting one was AngularJS. I wanted to share with everyone my process for analyzing the expression functionality built in to AngularJS as I feel it's a pretty interesting and unique code base. AngularJS exposes an expression language that exposes a limited set of... READ MORE

Spring, RabbitMQ & Dead Letter Exchanges

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By Paul Ambrosini April 26, 2015

RabbitMQ has become a staple for building job queues between the myriad of spring boot micro-serivces I've built at SRC:CLR. The Spring abstraction has allowed for quick and mostly painless development. What I hadn't found a need for was RabbitMQ's "Dead Letter Exchange" setup. Multiple times there had been discussions about using the dead letter pattern but I'd never gone that route. During one... READ MORE

Nuances of two-way Data Binding in AngularJS

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By Tyler Waneka March 12, 2015

When I first started looking at front end frameworks, all anyone wanted to talk about when it came to AngularJS was two-way data binding. You just connect the Model and the View and when one changes, so does the other. It's magic! It's one of the more glittery feature of AngularJS, and at times it can be extremely useful. But, what's the cost? There's always a cost. With data-binding, the (... READ MORE

Crypto Bliss with AWS KMS

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By Jason Nichols March 1, 2015

So you've got a last minute requirement to secure your customer data by encrypting it at the database level? Don't panic. Take a deep breath, keep calm, and read on... Previously, I discussed some of the higher level concerns and pitfalls with attempting to roll your own key management. In today's post I'm going to dive into the details about how to do it without reinventing the wheel. Let's... READ MORE

GHOST Highlights How Vulnerable Components Can Haunt an Enterprise

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By Chris Wysopal February 2, 2015  | Research

Last week, a security alert was issued disclosing a critical buffer overflow vulnerability on Linux systems. The vulnerability known as GHOST (CVE-2015-0235) impacts applications running on Linux systems using glibc version 2. This is a serious vulnerability because it has a high impact when exploited, and the vulnerability is very widespread, due to the sheer number of public-facing Linux... READ MORE

The Fog of War: How Prevalent Is SQL Injection?

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By Tim Jarrett January 23, 2015  | Research
Code security against SQL injection.

Security statistics are complicated, and there’s a lot of fog of war around some fundamental questions like: how common are SQL Injection flaws? A pair of interesting articles over the last day have illustrated some of the challenges with answering that question. A company called DB Networks announced that it had found an uptick in SQL Injection prevalence in 2014, which had appeared to be... READ MORE

Automated Unit Test Generation for Java

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By Asankhaya Sharma January 4, 2015

Unit testing is an important aspect of software development. Having a proper test suite for your project can help detect bugs early and prevent regressions. Wouldn't it be great if we could generate unit test cases automatically? Well, it is certainly possible and I will explain in this article how you can do so for Java. Recently, I had a chance to look at unit test case generation for Java. I... READ MORE

Shellshock – what you need to know

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By Chris Wysopal September 25, 2014  | Research

shellshock-a-bug-called-bash.png News of the Bash Bug/Shellshock vulnerability is being widely covered since the Ars Technica article published yesterday afternoon.  There is speculation that this bug is going to be more catastrophic than Heartbleed, and like the much publicized OpenSSL vulnerability, we won’t know the full extent of its impact for some time. There are... READ MORE

Misfeatures Strike Again

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By Melissa Elliott September 25, 2014  | Research

image00.png Bash – the Unix shell – came out when I was fourteen months old. It was a replacement for a similar program that came out eleven years before I was born. By the time I was learning to read, it’d already had years to mature and stabilize. The very first time I ever sat down at a Linux prompt, bash was fifteen years old. It’s now twenty-five. From... READ MORE

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