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Managing AppSec

Discover how to manage your application security program with expert guidance on measuring AppSec success and improving the security of your software.

  • When investing in an application security (AppSec) program, you expect to see a return on your investment. But in order to recognize a return, your organization needs to determine what success looks like and find a way to measure and prove that the program is meeting your definition of success. For those just starting on their AppSec journey, success might be eliminating OWASP Top 10 READ MORE

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  • Technology is constantly changing and advancing. Payment platforms are no exception. As these new platforms emerge, the software supporting the platform must be reliable and secure. Without secure payment platforms, payment transactions and data could be compromised. The PCI Software Security Framework (SSF) sets standards and requirements for both traditional and modern payment software. The READ MORE

  • It was the day before a holiday break, and everyone was excited to have a few days off to spend with friends and family. A skeleton crew was managing the security operations center, and it seemed as though every other team left early to beat the holiday traffic. Every team other than the vulnerability management (VM) team that is. Just before it was time to leave for the day, and the holiday READ MORE

  • When it comes to application security (AppSec), it’s important to note that no one testing type can uncover every flaw. Each tool is designed with a different area of focus, along with various speeds and costs – so it’s necessary to employ a mix of testing types. A good way to think about AppSec testing types is to compare them to health exams. You wouldn’t have a cholesterol test and assume your READ MORE

  • My name is Seb and I’m an application security (AppSec) engineer, part of the Application Security Consultant (ASC) team here at Veracode. My role is to help remediate flaws at scale and at pace, and to help you get the most out of the Veracode toolset. With a background as an engineering lead, I’ve run AppSec initiatives for government and global retailers. I’ve found that successful AppSec is READ MORE

  • Veracode recently sponsored Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) survey of 378 developers and security professionals, which explored the dynamic between the roles, their trigger points, the extent to which security teams understand modern development, and the buying intentions of application security (AppSec) teams. The first survey question for developers and security professionals was to rate the READ MORE

  • Veracode’s Chris Wysopal and Chris Eng recently joined Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Senior Analyst Dave Gruber and award-winning security writer and host of the Smashing Security podcast, Graham Cluley, at Black Hat USA to unveil the findings from a new ESG research report, Modern Application Development Security. The research is based on a survey of nearly 400 developers and security READ MORE

  • Healthcare providers heavily leverage technology. In his talk, Seth Fogie, information security director at Penn Medicine takes apart different vendor systems at the “fictitious” Black Hat Clinic. Fogie gives a lot of examples and drives home the point that you shouldn’t just look at network security … you have to dig deep into the applications to ensure the security of your data. Following the READ MORE

  • In 2011 when IBM’s Watson supercomputer went up against ‘Jeopardy’ icon Ken Jennings, the world watched as a battle of man vs. machine concluded in an impressive win for Watson. It wasn’t simply remarkable that Watson could complete calculations and source documents quickly; the real feat was the brainpower it took to create fine-tuned software with the ability to comprehend questions READ MORE

  • By now, most are familiar with the concept of DevSecOps. With DevSecOps, application security (AppSec) is moved to the beginning of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). By scanning earlier in the SDLC, you are able to find and fix flaws earlier. This can result in significant time and cost savings. Most organizations understand the importance of static analysis, which scans for flaws during READ MORE

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